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About Memory Lane Games

We are an ORCHA approved app that turns memories into games for our elderly friends and families with simple-to-play, fun quiz games, featuring popular topics and local nostalgia based on towns and cities.

We have 100s of fun games based on: Music, Animals, Geography, History, Sports, TV & Film, Plants and Flowers, Food, Literature, Science, The Arts & MANY MORE!
We also have games based on YOUR current location! Wherever you open the app, you will get a selection of personalised local quiz games based on areas near you!

The Memory Lane Games app is designed for use by carers and the Dementia and Alzheimer's’ patients in their care - especially for use in geriatric care, or delivered as part of a care home activities plan. We deliver frustration free games for your Mum, Dad or elderly relatives that spark memories - our app is inspired by reminiscence therapy and helps our elderly friends and family feel connected to their memories and have some fun while they do it.

"This is going to make a tremendous difference to anyone who uses it," "You're not just playing a game, it is part of the management of your patient." - Dr Paul Kiwanuka-Mukiibi, Executive Director of Alzheimer's Uganda.

In partnership with research-led charity Hospice Isle of Man, Memory Lane Games designs apps to delight our elderly friends and families.

"At Hospice we love the simplicity of the Memory Lane Games’ front-end designs and are absolutely delighted to be part of this POTENTIALLY LIFE-CHANGING PROJECT.” Anne Mills - CEO, Hospice Isle of Man

Memory Lane Games is ORCHA certified!
Personalisation! Share games with your loved ones!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Memory Lane Games?

Memory Lane Games is an app that turns memories into games for elderly individuals and their families. It offers fun quiz games based on popular topics and local nostalgia.

How many games are available in Memory Lane Games?

Memory Lane Games has hundreds of fun games based on various categories such as music, animals, geography, history, sports, TV & film, plants and flowers, food, literature, science, the arts, and more.

Are there games based on the user's location?

Yes, Memory Lane Games offers games based on the user's current location. It provides personalized local quiz games based on areas near the user.

Who is the target audience for Memory Lane Games?

Memory Lane Games is designed for use by carers and dementia and Alzheimer's patients. It is especially useful for geriatric care and can be incorporated into care home activities.

How does Memory Lane Games benefit elderly individuals?

Memory Lane Games helps elderly individuals feel connected to their memories and have fun through reminiscence therapy. It sparks memories and provides frustration-free games for a positive experience.

What is the ORCHA certification for Memory Lane Games?

Memory Lane Games is ORCHA certified, indicating that it meets certain standards for health and care apps.

Is personalization available in Memory Lane Games?

Personalization is coming soon to Memory Lane Games. Users will be able to share games with their loved ones.
Anyone else having games disappear? Happening constantly and I love this app 😵
Kait Clavette
Gr8 app! Love it!
Юля Дудник
This has great potential and will no doubt help the NHS and those dealing with Dementia and their families.
John Bateson
Great fun app with excellent application for the target audience
Kelly McKeating
Fun both on your own and to compare with pals - would recommend!!
Charlotte Harris
Very high quality, would recommend to my grandma 👌
Max Quayle