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About KINO - Keno Game in Greece by OPAP

The app is intended to be used by the Kino game players in order to help them be informed about the game. Kino is a Keno like game played in Greece.

Users can stay up to date with the latest Kino draws and can also search every past draw by its date or draw number, since the beginning of the game, in 2003.

The handicaps table is included in the app and its values can be customizes by the Kino bonus and multiplier values for easier use.

Moreover, users can create their own tickets. Tickets can be created either totally randomly or users can enter their own values. These coupons can later be compared with a given draw and the app informs the user whether a coupon has won or not, as well as the precise amount of money gained.

Users can also create tickets that played in real life and find their winnings. You just have to create the exact ticket that you played and enter the first draw number in which the ticket has participated. The rest will be done for you by this app, as it calculates the total winning amount for the ticket, displaying the hits you had in each of the draws and much more info, so that you can decide whether you should play that ticket again or not.


- Display most recent draws
- Check real life tickets winnings
- Advanced stats for up to 1000 draws!!!
- Search draws by number/date , since 2003 (first draw)
- Create tickets for the different game types (numbers, columns, odd/even), randomly or not
- Compare tickets with draws and check winnings
- Customizable handicaps table
- Share draws with your friends

Πολύ καλή εφαρμογή και πολύ βοηθητική για τους παίκτες με τις λειτουργίες που προσφέρει.
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It's great.
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