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About Dose - Drug Journal

Dose helps you track and moderate your use of recreational drugs.
Do you want to cut back on drinking? Maybe allow yourself a joint only after getting the job done? We got you covered! With Dose, you get a clear overview of your use and progress over time.

People often don't realize that their habits are unhealthy. It's common to exceed your daily caffeine intake, or drink too much alcohol on social gatherings. By creating awareness, you start to reduce the frequency of these situations. Moderating your consumption results in multiple short and long-term health benefits.

This app is just a simple tool that helps you on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle. We allow you to track any substance, without judgment. You know your body better than anyone else. That's why we allow you to set the limits on your own.

**TRACK ANY SUBSTANCE** - With Dose, you can track any drug or medication you'd like.

**LOG QUICKLY AND EASILY** - We've designed the process to be as quick and straightforward as possible.

**SEE MEANINGFUL STATS** - See how much you've spent, how often you consume, and more.

**VISUALIZE YOUR ENTRIES** - Seeing your entries on a calendar puts things into perspective.

**CUSTOMIZE THE APP** - Set custom colors, week start day, preferred units, currency, and more.

**YOUR DATA IS SECURE** - We value your privacy. Your data never leaves your device and can be secured with a PIN code.

Dose also allows you to:
- Set your most common dosages to log them quicker
- Export or backup your data anytime
- Use a dark theme

Do you have any questions, feedback, or found a bug?
Please contact us at [email protected]. We're glad to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dose?

Dose is an app that helps you track and moderate your use of recreational drugs.

How can Dose help me?

Dose provides a clear overview of your drug use and progress over time, helping you cut back on drinking or moderate your drug consumption.

Why is it important to track and moderate drug use?

Many people are unaware of unhealthy habits and may exceed daily caffeine intake or consume too much alcohol. By creating awareness, you can reduce the frequency of these situations and enjoy multiple short and long-term health benefits.

What substances can I track with Dose?

You can track any drug or medication of your choice using Dose.

Is it easy to log my drug consumption with Dose?

Yes, Dose has been designed to make the process quick and straightforward for easy logging.

What kind of statistics can I see with Dose?

Dose allows you to see meaningful stats such as how much you've spent, how often you consume drugs, and more.

Can I visualize my drug entries on a calendar?

Yes, Dose provides a calendar view to help you visualize your drug entries and put things into perspective.

Can I customize the app according to my preferences?

Yes, Dose allows you to customize the app with custom colors, preferred units, currency, and more.

Is my data secure with Dose?

Yes, Dose values your privacy. Your data never leaves your device and can be secured with a PIN code.

What additional features does Dose offer?

Dose allows you to set common dosages for quick logging, export or backup your data anytime, and use a dark theme.

How can I contact Dose for questions, feedback, or bug reports?

You can contact Dose at [email protected]. They are glad to help!
Really great and useful app. The only thing is I often do not know how much I am smoking since I mostly use cartridges, it would be great if there was some conversion of hits to grams:(
Laura G
Really useful for tracking medicine - intuitive and makes sure I don't take too much of anything
Tom Axworthy
Amazing app. This is seriously helping me improve my life so much.
Ricky Klose
I've loved using this app and appreciate the improvements in adding $ and changing menus. One easy tweak that I would love to see is the ability to EDIT quick doses instead of having to delete them and make ...
Caleb D
Really like this
puu pgo
This app has been so useful! I originally downloaded it to track microdoses, but ended up finding a ton of value in it for tracking my medications after having an operation. Highly recommended!
Bry Law