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About Telecommunication Engineering

► This Telecommunication Engineering app consists various important topics, which is very useful for every Telecommunication engineers.✦

【Topics Covered Based On Below Concepts】

*Introductory Concepts

*Introductory Topics In Telecommunications

*Telephone Numbering and Routing

*Introduction to the Busy Hour and Grade of Service

*Simplex, Half-Duplex, and Full Duplex

*Network Topologies

*Rules of Conventional Hierarchical Networks

*Standardization In Telecommunications

*Signals Convey Intelligence

*Basic Concepts Of Electricity For Communications

*Conveying Intelligence over the Electrical Telegraph

*What Is Frequency?

*Introduction to Phase

*Electrical Signals

*Introduction To Transporting Electrical Signals

*Coaxial Cable Transmission

*Radio Transmission

*Quality Of Service And Telecommunication Impairments

*Voice Transmission

*The Three Basic Impairments And How They Affect The End-User


*Transmission And Switching: Cornerstones Of A Network

*Introduction To Switching

*The Essential Functions of a Local Switch

*Introductory Switching Concepts

*Stored Program Control

*Essential Concepts In Transmission

*Introduction To Multiplexing

*Transmission Aspects Of Voice Telephony

*Operation Of The Telephone Subset

*Subscriber Loop Design

and much more...

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