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About Water Resources Engineering

►Water resources engineering is a specialty of civil engineering that focuses on water supplies, irrigation and waste disposal. It also addresses methods for controlling water to avoid water-related damage and catastrophes.✦

【Topics Covered Based On Below Concepts】

►Water resources

►Sources of fresh water

►Water uses

►Water stress

►Water and conflicts

►Virtual water

►Water footprint

►Definition and measures

►Water footprint of nations

►Fresh water

►Economic water scarcity


►Modeling Water Resource Systems

►Characteristics of Problems to be Modeled

►surface water quality monitoring

►Brackish water

►Brackish water habitats


►River Thames

►Drinking water

►Tap water

►Potable water supply

►Water well



►Water cycle

►Groundwater recharge

►Reclaimed water

►Wastewater treatment


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