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About Dized

Dized app makes playing tabletop games a breeze! Currently it contains Rules and Tutorials, expanding into other digital content in the future.

Rules are full game rules with built-in FAQs. They are publisher approved, searchable, cross-referenced and updateable, so you will never struggle with rule-related problems again!

Tutorials teach you how to play games. It’s like having someone at the table teaching you the game while you play. Dized Tutorials allow you to skip the rulebook and start the game immediately. This means you can fully focus on having fun with the new game!

Learn more about the content at!

I used the app to learn Ice Cool. It was a seamless experience. Menus were intuitive to navigate and the instructions were clear and concise. Very pleased with the overall experience.
Krzysztof Hawryla
It's only rules😩😩such a waste of time when I want to play the game is just rules😠I hate this app
coleen acob
You no need to read the instructions (no tienes que leer las instrucciones)
antonio muñiz