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About WhitePawn

A modern Chess App with unique features.
Just free and without any ads, how it should be :).

* Free
* No Ads
* No Registration
* Supports DGT Chessboards
* Supports DGT3000 Clock
* Move to speech
* Play offline with engines
* Play online with friends and family
* Supports Lichess Online Games

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the features of WhitePawn?

WhitePawn is a modern Chess App with unique features such as being free, without any ads, no registration required, supports DGT Chessboards and DGT3000 Clock, move to speech capability, offline play with engines, online play with friends and family, and supports Lichess Online Games.

Is WhitePawn free?

Yes, WhitePawn is completely free to use.

Does WhitePawn have any ads?

No, WhitePawn does not have any ads.

Do I need to register to use WhitePawn?

No, registration is not required to use WhitePawn.

Does WhitePawn support DGT Chessboards?

Yes, WhitePawn supports DGT Chessboards.

Does WhitePawn support DGT3000 Clock?

Yes, WhitePawn supports DGT3000 Clock.

Can WhitePawn speak the moves?

Yes, WhitePawn has a move to speech feature.

Can I play offline with engines using WhitePawn?

Yes, WhitePawn allows you to play offline with engines.

Can I play online with friends and family using WhitePawn?

Yes, WhitePawn supports playing online with friends and family.

Does WhitePawn support Lichess Online Games?

Yes, WhitePawn supports Lichess Online Games.
Love this app, well worthy of donations to keep the good work up. Great job
Jim Cromey
Enjoying trying out this app
Thomas Hynes
I never thought it is even possible! Keep the good work. One thing is that accessibility is not very good.
Paul Scott
Great potential! Can't wait for it to support OEX engines
Thiago de Sousa
great app! maybe add more customization options and optimize so it can be perfect 😍
This got to be the cleanest chess app ever. Would love a green & white chess board please.