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About Eve KWGT


This is not a standalone app. Eve KWGT require KWGT Pro application[PAID APP].

Eve KWGT is Creative, Minimal & Inspired Pack For Your Home screen with a touch of lift up designs.

Each widget comes with it's own 'Globals' which helps in customizing the widgets to your favour [ Change colours , dark mode toggle , adding names etc..] .
Check widget description for more customizations

Every widget is set to 100% scaling & it is recommended to keep it the scaling at 100%.

What you need ?



** Pro Key

#2 Custom launcher like a Nova Launcher(recommended)

How to Use :

1. DOWNLOAD Eve KWGT & KWGT Pro Application
2. Long tap on your home screen & choose widget
3. Choose KWGT widget
4. Tap on the widget ,choose installed & select Eve KWGT
5. Choose the widget you like & adjust scaling
6. Enjoy!

** If widget is not in proper size, Adjust size with 'scale' under layer option in the KWGT.

Exporting of widgets are locked due to piracy issues. Hope you guys understand.(credit me where ever you use them).

** Promised Updates


- Frank Monza for creating KAPK which allows for easy app making
- All the graphics are made with Pixellab

All the Fonts and Fonticons used in the pack have been Licensed for commercial use.

Please install and leave a review for the app.

Please contact us with any queries/issues before leaving negative rating.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Eve KWGT?

Eve KWGT is a creative and minimal pack of widgets for your home screen with lift-up designs.

Does Eve KWGT require a separate app?

Yes, Eve KWGT requires the KWGT Pro application, which is a paid app.

What are the features of each widget in Eve KWGT?

Each widget comes with its own 'Globals' that allow you to customize the widgets by changing colors, enabling dark mode, adding names, etc. Please check the widget description for more customizations.

Is it recommended to keep the scaling of the widgets at 100%?

Yes, it is recommended to keep the scaling of the widgets at 100%.

What do I need to use Eve KWGT?

You need the KWGT Pro app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Additionally, a custom launcher like Nova Launcher is recommended.

How can I use Eve KWGT?

To use Eve KWGT, you need to download Eve KWGT and the KWGT Pro application. Long tap on your home screen, choose the widget option, select KWGT widget, tap on the widget, choose installed, and select Eve KWGT. Finally, choose the widget you like and adjust the scaling.

How can I adjust the size of the widget?

If the widget is not in the proper size, you can adjust the size with the 'scale' option under the layer option in the KWGT app.

Can I export the widgets?

No, exporting of widgets is locked due to piracy issues.
Really , this is a very great collection of some stunning widgets . Everyone should try it atleast once . I have fallen in love with this fabulous widgets ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you so much designer for making such a...
Bhaskar Dey
Awesome app bro, keep going ahead
AS Tutorial
Best material widgets 💯
Abhishek Singh
The app has been made very accurately and subtly .... really appreciated ✨.. hats off to the developer ....!!
Subhradeep Ghosh
Another superior amazing pack from developer.. stylish,elegant & beautiful well crafted dis so much😍💝💕💕
Roki Black
Another awesome pack of widgets by the dev, all widgets are awesome, love all the widgets.worth the price.
Dhanraj Priyadarshi