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This is not a stand alone app. DOPE KWGT require KWGT Pro [PAID APPLICATION].

DOPE KWGT is Crafted For Sci - fi , Futuristic Minimalist Home screen Designs. Consists of 40+ minimalistic widgets to start with (more to be added weekly/monthly).

Every widget is set to 100% scaling & it is recommended to keep the scaling at 100%.

How to set up the widgets?

Firstly, you need to download 2 apps:

1. KWGT:
2. KWGT Pro Key:

Using a Custom launcher is advised.

Some Popular Custom Launcher's are Nova, Lawnchair, Smart Launcher 5, etc.

How to Use :

1. DOWNLOAD DOPE KWGT & KWGT Pro Application
2. Long tap on your home screen & choose widget option
3. Choose KWGT widget from the drop-down list
4. Tap on the widget ,choose installed & select DOPE KWGT
5. Choose the widget you like & adjust scaling as per the home screen
6. Voila! You are good to go.

If a particular widget is not properly scaled, you can adjust size with 'SCALE' under layer option in the KWGT main editor.

Please note that exporting of widgets are locked to prevent pirates from exporting and using the widgets under their name. Hope you guys understand :)

Don't forget to tag me whenever you use my widgets!

Credits: -

- Jahir Fiquitiva (Kuper Dashboard)
- All the graphics are made with Figma

All the Fonts and Fonticons used in the pack have been Licensed for Commercial use.

Please install and leave a genuine review as it helps us a lot!

Please contact us with any queries/issues before leaving negative rating in the Play Store via the links provided below.

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As by name the widgets are soo dope 😄😄
Ravi Raja
This widget pack rocks.Going nicely with my homescreen.These widgets really amazed me.Their color combo is great too.Good luck dev with your work.Hoping to see more amazing works from you in future 😁.
190 Mustain Enam
Amazing widget pack. Beautifully crafted.
Kushal Wagh
Like the name suggested, a place to find some dopest widgets in the market. The look and design of each widgets are made to please your eyes. Each of them are crafted beautifully.
Amirul Eahsan
Dope 👌
Ratindra sharma
toooooooo dope