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About Rally Tripmeter

An app for rally (co)drivers developed by a rally driver. Rally Tripmeter is an application that makes traditional rally trips obsolete! This app helps rally drivers to measure distance, keep time between time controls, take time on special stages, keep you near your target speed on TSD or Regularity rallies and much more. And the best thing, this app does not weight anything! A must be app for every rally driver, even if you own a professional rally trip as you never know when you might need a backup! Works well both on small and large devices.

Now even more useful for TSD and Regularity rallies as there is two modes dedicated for them. You can define the special stages and keep just on time for the checkpoints. Be a Winner, use Rally Tripmeter!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Rally Tripmeter?

Rally Tripmeter is an app for rally (co)drivers that helps them measure distance, keep time, and perform other functions related to rally driving.

Who developed Rally Tripmeter?

Rally Tripmeter was developed by a rally driver.

What features does Rally Tripmeter have?

Rally Tripmeter has features such as distance measurement, timekeeping, special stage timing, speed maintenance for TSD or Regularity rallies, and more.

Is Rally Tripmeter available for all devices?

Yes, Rally Tripmeter works well on both small and large devices.

How can Rally Tripmeter be useful for TSD and Regularity rallies?

Rally Tripmeter now has two dedicated modes for TSD and Regularity rallies, allowing users to define special stages and stay on time for checkpoints.

Is Rally Tripmeter recommended for professional rally drivers?

Yes, Rally Tripmeter is recommended even for professional drivers as a backup tool in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Can Rally Tripmeter be helpful in improving rally driving performance?

Yes, by using Rally Tripmeter, drivers can enhance their performance and aim to be winners in rally competitions.
Great app
Nigel Bland
Super nice
Valgardur Thomas Davíðsson
Great App
Jorge Salvador
Brilliant app, well done to the developer. The maps sadly don't have all forestry roads for my area but that is no fault of the developer. Co drivers would be mad not to be using this. Far advanced over any ...
Up until now it's not half bad
Great simple to use tool for our recce and route planning
Mark Gregg