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About Rally Coach™

Personalized Health Coaching

The free Rally Coach™ app is your source for Rally® well-being and prevention programs which includes:

Real Appeal: Weight Loss Support
Access to all the tools you need to reach and maintain a healthy weight with weekly live coach sessions, around-the-clock coach messaging support, online trackers for food, activity, and weight, and more.

Real Appeal: Diabetes Prevention
A CDC-recognized program designed to help pre-diabetic people avoid developing Type 2 diabetes with live coaching sessions, 24/7 access to digital tools and dashboards, online meal trackers, and more.

Living with Diabetes
Providing support and information to help people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes manage their condition. Share, listen, and learn more about diabetes through weekly small-group sessions online.

Download now.

***Please note: Programs on Rally Coach are available to eligible program participants. Check with your employer or health care provider to see if programs are available to you.***

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**Please note: The Rally® app is available only to eligible Rally members....

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Rally Coach?

Rally Coach is a free app that provides personalized health coaching and offers well-being and prevention programs.

What programs are available on Rally Coach?

Rally Coach offers programs such as Real Appeal for weight loss support, Real Appeal for diabetes prevention, and Living with Diabetes for managing Type 2 diabetes.

What does Real Appeal offer?

Real Appeal provides tools for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, including weekly live coach sessions, coach messaging support, online trackers for food, activity, and weight.

What does Real Appeal for Diabetes Prevention offer?

Real Appeal for Diabetes Prevention is a CDC-recognized program that helps pre-diabetic individuals avoid developing Type 2 diabetes. It includes live coaching sessions, 24/7 access to digital tools and dashboards, online meal trackers, and more.

What does Living with Diabetes offer?

Living with Diabetes is a program that offers support and information for managing Type 2 diabetes. It includes weekly small-group sessions online for sharing, listening, and learning about diabetes.

How can I access Rally Coach?

You can download Rally Coach app to access the programs. However, please note that availability of programs may vary for each individual.
I was directed to this program by my employer and health insurance company. I have been using the program for 19 weeks now and have lost 22 lbs. This program is full of very wonderful and helpful information...
John C
I joined this program 3 weeks ago and have already learned so much! It's well structured, you are accountable for your progress but are also given lots of support!
Andrea Casanova
Easy to use, nice support
Karen Shadowens
Great program that educates, reminds and keeps you thinking how to eat healthier and lose weight. Excellent program that really makes a difference if you're committed!
Fred Enck
Great sessions with my coach
Keenya S
Good App for losing weight and being held accountable every day!
Karen Conran