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About Rally®

**Please note: The Rally® app is available only to eligible Rally members. Check with your benefits manager to see if Rally is available to you.**

The Rally app for Android lets you take your health on the go in one convenient mobile experience. Depending upon your employer benefits, you can:

Register and Take the Health Survey - Get personalized recommendations based on your overall health

Join Missions and Challenges - Build healthy habits with simple activities and friendly competitions you can do every day

Get Rewarded - Earn rewards for taking healthy actions which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards

Sync with Devices - Use your phone or other devices such as Strava, Garmin, or FitBit to track your activity

Access Health Plan Benefits - View your digital medical ID card as well as plan details in a single location allowing you to better understand and take advantage of your benefits

Discover Programs - Join programs available through your employer to help improve your health

Search for Care - Locate hospitals, specialists, or treatment facilities, and see if they’re in or out of network

Compare Costs - Save money with the ability to make cost-effective decisions

The Rally app puts your health in your hands.

Help us make the app experience even better. Share your feedback at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who can access the Rally app?

The Rally app is available only to eligible Rally members. Please check with your benefits manager to see if Rally is available to you.

What can I do with the Rally app?

With the Rally app, you can register and take a health survey to get personalized recommendations, join missions and challenges to build healthy habits, earn rewards for taking healthy actions, sync with devices to track your activity, access health plan benefits, discover programs to improve your health, search for care providers, and compare costs to make cost-effective decisions.

How can I provide feedback on the Rally app?

You can share your feedback on the Rally app by emailing [email protected].
Kodi Kadafi
Its a great experience
Connie Snipe
The newest version of this app is horrible! It's redundant, takes 3x's as long to input info and is NO improvement.
Ellen A
Marcia Fessler
Thank you
shatara prince
Since the update, when I logged in afterwards it tells me I am logged in...and when I hit continue it takes me right back to the log in page. And I can't bypass it or get around it. What am I doing wrong?
Jodi Wang