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About Scaffolding App - Assisting scaffolding businesses

Goodbye Paperwork! The Scaffolding App gets rid of the paperwork, since nowadays the information, which is mostly persisted on paper, can be done easier and safer. This structured communication between office and the construction site saves time and nerves. The Scaffolding App eliminates missing time-tracking, incomplete documentation and confusion on the construction site.

Feature overview
Mobile time-tracking with the mobile time stamp, differentiation of single- and convoy-activity
- Site documentation with photos, text modules and free texts
- Customer registration with auto-completion of Google
- Project registration with site address, working time and pictures (e.g. drawings, special instructions)
- Working order management with execution day, convoy planning and pictures

The mobile time stamp captures travelling time, working time and work breaks with only a few clicks on the one hand and illustrates the convoy structure with regard to the working order on the other hand. Working times are checked for plausibility.
Forgotten bookings can later be followed up through a digital form.
When no network connection exist (WiFi, 3G, LTE), all information are stored. They are automatically sent whenever network is connected. This enables live controlling of every site.

Site documentation
This documentation takes place with photos. Every photo can be titled. It is archive with time stamp and employee information in the selected folder regard to the project.
Alternative, checklists and free text fields can be used.
Site documentation is - even like time-tracking - possible, when the device is offline.

Customer registration
Customer registration is done with a lean form. All data can be filled in with Google automatically.

Project registration
Projects can be deposit with a meaningful title, the planned execution time and site address. Furthermore pictures can be added.

Working order management
Working orders are assigned to respective projects. This is basically used for time-tracking and documentation. A daily disposition and even pre-planning of the convoy is possible, just like deposit the risk assessment.

Access authorisation
The Scaffolding App has a comprehensive authorisation concept which enables the on and off switch of function buttons depending on authorisation. With this an optimal adaptation to hierarchy structure and to the internal working processes is possible.

Integration in existing information system
Are you already using an information system? Just contact us and we will verify, whether the Scaffolding App can directly be integrated in your existing system, so you donĀ“t have to save your information in two systems. No additional effort is necessary.