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About Copy Calendar Events Pro

Copy Calendar Events allows you to copy or move calendar events among your local calendar accounts, directly on the device. It operates using calendar providers so you can copy or move events to / from different calendar types and apps, be they local or online calendars.


• Copy from/merge multiple source calendars into one target calendar

• Copy modes: copy, move or mirror events, overwrite target events, empty target calendar before copy

• Copy preview: exclude individual events from copy, search functionality

• Filter options: include/exclude past events, cancelled/rejected events, available/busy filter, privacy filter, day of week filter, time of day filter

• Text filter options: contains/does not contain, starts with/does not start with, etc.

• Copy options: include/exclude event details such as title, event details, location, reminders, guest list (includes an option to prevent sending invites; useful for personal backups)

• Search & replace inside event fields

• Add event reminders and attendees

• Change event availability and privacy during copy

• Automatic event duplication detection and prevention

• Support for Exchange-specific event fields

• Daily and hourly scheduling

• Time shifting, reschedule events during copy

• Change event colors

• Multiple profiles with individual event copy settings and individual schedules (profiles can be exported and imported)

• Plug-in for Tasker/Locale to automate performing copies


If you do not see all events from your corporate calendar (Exchange) there is a chance that not all events are synchronized to your device. You can change the synchronization period (Days to sync) under Settings > Accounts & sync > Account settings.


If you have a problem, question or suggestion feel free to send an email to [email protected]

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works great
A Google user
Excellent and unique app! The only reliable way I found to transfer events from one calendar to another. Especially to transfer events from the phone local calendar to a Google one. I used it to split my loc...
A Google user
Absolutely brilliant - just what I needed. Easy to copy events from multiple to a single calendar.
Robert Tailby