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About Windguru Lite

The official "Lite" app to access wind and weather forecasts from

Warning! If you do not know anything about Windguru and you are looking for classic weather app with animated weather pictograms, this is NOT FOR YOU! :-)

This app works similiar to the full website at but only offers the most important features: forecasts, live stations, maps.

Development of this Lite app will go on, now it's just a subset of the web version but soon it should bring some "old good" features of the old app (
and become an alternative for those who wish something between the full site and the old-school app

The app now supports adding favourites for quick access even for anonymous users.

You can use your windguru login to access favourites associated with your existing account and to view PRO forecasts (if you are a PRO subscriber)

Please note that the original Windguru website is made as a Progressive web app, which means it can work just like an app on your Android device and offers full functionality. It's recommended to use it like that. More info at
This Windguru Lite version is only a simple alternative available from Google Play.

In case you prefer the old app, find "Windguru Old" on Google Play:
or install one of the old APK files manually from here:

Realy good to use. I do big wave surfing and its all i use
jake farmer
Used this app on the web version for years and although it's accurate it can be an hour or two off at times depending on where I am kayaking, but it's an excellent way of predicting weather and precipitation...
This is the wind reference
Jean-Philippe Turcotte