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About Snap Search: Incognito Browser & Secure Search

Q) Do you care about your privacy? Hate getting tracked online?
If you answered yes, we were made just for you! Use Snap Search to quick search the web and protect your private data from evil organizations. Use this state-of-the-art secure Incognito Browser and quick search the web safely.

We enable Super Incognito Mode. Everything you’ve done in the app will be erased. In fact, we don't even provide an option to save it:
✨ Auto Delete History
✨ Auto Delete Cookies
✨ Auto Delete Sessions
✨ Auto Delete Everything

This is the real definition of a 100% Incognito Browser!

Snap Search is a feature rich browser in permanent incognito mode with the best quick search engines for Android:
⚡️ FIRST Private Browser that asks for ZERO permissions
⚡️ The most advanced Ad, Analytics and Tracker Blocker
⚡️ Translate All Websites (Supports more than 100 Languages)
⚡️ Private Browser with VPN & Proxy
⚡️ 60+ Search Engines to Quick Search
⚡️ Floating Private Browser
⚡️ Secure Reader Mode for Websites
⚡️ Secure Dark Mode for Websites
⚡️ Edit Websites
⚡️ Download & Save Web Pages Offline
⚡️ Home Screen Widgets
⚡️ So much more...

Designed as an Android Incognito Browser, Snap Search has an inbuilt Ad Blocker, Tracker Blocker and VPN Support with more than 60 Search Engines to help you quick search better than ever before!


🕵🏻‍♂️ Search Engines
We support quick search for more than 60 of the worlds most famous websites and top search engines. We also boast of the largest list of top Search Engines for Android

Incognito Browser with ZERO Permissions
We don't ask for critical permissions like Location or Accounts like other browsers like Chrome, Duck Duck Go, Firefox, Brave etc. This prevents others from accessing it through us as well.

🌍 VPN Mode for the Incognito Browser
Use VPN mode and connect to USA, UK, Canada or more and hide your IP Address - NOBODY can track you - not even your ISP, network or government!

No Sign Up
NO Sign Up or Accounts ever, its a FREE private browser for all!

Private Browser Safety
Cookies, History, Cache Storage and even Javascript trackers have been turned off on the browser by default.

🔗 Floating Windows
Browse websites, watch videos, stream content or do anything while using other apps with floating private browser for Android!

🤫 Incognito Keyboard
The keyboard doesn't remember or learn the words you type, enabling 100% private search.

✏️ Edit Websites
You can truly edit the content of any website you visit, while still staying hidden in the Super Incognito Mode.

🌓 Dark Mode
Browse any website in a beautiful dark mode while maintaining private search and still staying safe and secure in incognito mode.

👓 Reader Mode
Remove unnecessary distractions and read your content in peace while keeping private search and staying safe and secure in incognito mode.

📱 Widgets
With widgets on the home screen, you can secure search in Incognito Mode in just 1 tap.

🗣 Translate Websites
For the first time ever, translate websites on Android into more than 100 supported languages. Secure Browse the web in the language of your choice.

Snap Search is a free, fast and secure incognito browser + private browser + search engine - an all in one privacy solution.
Download Snap Search - the best Browser for Android. A Search Browser with Quick Search, Ad Block and VPN built in! Finally, a top search browser with incognito search and a huge list of search engines for Android!

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It is very fenestatic and there is also a lot of fun, and a lot of people do it, it is an app, I think, according to me, use it.♥️♥️🥰
Ayub Bhai
I absolutely love it. Worth it!!!
usual suspect
Seems like great app..please make sure u KEEP it NEVER let it GO
Danny Galloway
I like it. It's different; I'm old-school so it's taken me longer to navigate than usual but its turning out to be worth it. Well... I'm still old school, here I wanted to reply to the Devs comment and ended...
donna elliott
It is the super interesting and helpful application for mobile. I proud of this service😍😍
Snap search is a great application i really love this application it has so many features
Manisha Bagarty