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About Maxthon browser

Do you want to save mobile data and save money on your monthly bill? Try Maxthon5 Cloud Browser! You can save required kinds of stuff and read them offline in your browser at any time. Smart image display could also help you control mobile data consumption effectively. This browser is made just for mobile.

As the the 5th generation web browser developed by Maxthon USA Inc., which was once awarded "Best Browser" on For 3 Consecutive Years, MX5 Cloud Browser is created for those who spend much time on the web every day, especially for iOS users because of its iDevice features like Touch ID, 3D Touch…

It’s time to switch to this faster and lighter browser to improve the efficiency and save data now!

*BUILT-IN NOTE-TAKING TOOL- You can make notes easily while browsing the web. Collect and save any content you see on the web with one tap. Read, edit and organize your collection even offline.

*BUILT-IN PASSWORD MANAGER- It generates passwords to your liking, securely saves them and automatically fills them in next time you visit the site. Employing multiple encryption technologies, your passwords will never be safer.

*BUILT-IN EMAIL ADDRESSES MANAGER- No need to give your real email address out while registering for websites and services. Create unlimited shadow email address to block out junk, ads, and spam forever.

*BUILT-IN AD BLOCKER- The powerful ad-blocker is built in Maxthon5 natively. It blocks out most of the pop-ups and ads including YouTube video ads, giving you a clean mobile web and helping save data.

*MULTILANGUAGE SUPPORTED-Our app has supported more than 25 languages currently: en, zh, fr, bg, de, id, it, ko, no…and more are coming soon.

*NIGHT MODE- Are you a night owl? It’s time to say time to sore eyes. Read more comfortably in the dark with MX5 now.

*INCOGNITO MODE- Turn on Incognito mode in Maxthon5 and browse the mobile web without a trace.

*SYNC ACROSS DEVICES- Access tabs, bookmarks & history from other devices, Pick up where you left off on your other devices and read offline.

*CUSTOMIZABLE SPEED DIAL- Add your favorite websites, apps or even search result to speed dial, to visit them on the go with one touch.

*SMART IMAGE DISPLAY- Help you control your mobile data usage and save money for you.

*EASY MULTI TABS MANAGEMENTS- You can open as many tabs as you like, and switch or close with only one touch.

Millions of people use MX5 and Maxthon browsers to watch videos, connect with friends, search on the web, and sync data across platforms. We hope MX5 Cloud Browser could help more and more people enjoy the Internet, while saving more data and money.

Download MX5 Cloud Browser and save your mobile data from now on!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Maxthon5 Cloud Browser?

Maxthon5 Cloud Browser is a 5th generation web browser developed by Maxthon USA Inc. It is designed for mobile devices and offers features like saving data, offline reading, and smart image display.

What are the features of Maxthon5 Cloud Browser?

Some of the features of Maxthon5 Cloud Browser include built-in note-taking tool, password manager, email addresses manager, ad blocker, multilanguage support, night mode, incognito mode, sync across devices, customizable speed dial, smart image display, and easy multi tabs management.

Why should I switch to Maxthon5 Cloud Browser?

You should switch to Maxthon5 Cloud Browser to improve efficiency, save data, and enjoy features like offline reading, password management, ad blocking, multilanguage support, night mode, and incognito browsing.

Can I sync my browsing data across devices with Maxthon5 Cloud Browser?

Yes, you can sync tabs, bookmarks, and history across devices with Maxthon5 Cloud Browser. You can also continue reading offline on other devices.

How does Maxthon5 Cloud Browser help save data?

Maxthon5 Cloud Browser helps save data by offering features like smart image display and built-in ad blocker, which block out unnecessary images and ads, reducing data consumption.

Is Maxthon5 Cloud Browser available in multiple languages?

Yes, Maxthon5 Cloud Browser currently supports over 25 languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, and more.

Can I take notes and save content while browsing with Maxthon5 Cloud Browser?

Yes, Maxthon5 Cloud Browser has a built-in note-taking tool that allows you to easily make notes and save content while browsing. You can also organize your collection and access it offline.

Does Maxthon5 Cloud Browser have a night mode?

Yes, Maxthon5 Cloud Browser has a night mode that allows for comfortable reading in dark environments.

Can I browse in incognito mode with Maxthon5 Cloud Browser?

Yes, Maxthon5 Cloud Browser offers an incognito mode that allows you to browse the web without leaving any trace of your browsing history.

Where can I download Maxthon5 Cloud Browser?

You can download Maxthon5 Cloud Browser from the respective app store of your mobile device.
instant crash after new update. 5 star for the nothing.
L. Z.
ممتاز ممتاز ممتاز ممتاز
A Google user
Jai Nitai Gauranga. LG V60 running android 10.0. I've used this app since it was available. Doesn't appear to be any issues... (1) works well with Android 10; (2) faster than almost every other browser; (3) ...
Jai Nitai Gauranga das
A Google user
Abbas Abbas
My experience with Maxthon Browser is good. It is a clean, fast & safe browser.
iqbal hyder