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About Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet

Kiwi Browser is made to browse the internet, read news, watch videos and listen to music, without annoyances.

Browse in peace.

Kiwi is based on Chromium and WebKit, the engine that powers the most popular browser in the world so you won't lose your habits.

We hope you'll love Kiwi as much as we do.

Note for power users and supporters: We have a Discord (chat) community where you can discuss development and share ideas:

Main Features:
β˜… Based on the very best Chromium

β˜… Incredible page load speed πŸš€
Thanks to our very optimised rendering engine, we are able to display web pages super fast.

β˜… Powerful ad block that removes most of intrusive ads πŸ”₯
(you can enable it in Settings, Ads or use any extension of your choice)

β˜… Super strong pop-ups blocker that really works

β˜… Cryptojacking protection
The first Android browser that blocks hackers from using your device to mine crypto-currency

β˜… Unlock Facebook Web Messenger
Go to and chat with your friends without having to install FB application.

More goodness:
β˜… Night mode with customizable contrast and grayscale mode.
100% contrast = pure AMOLED black (actually turns off pixels) - recommended!
101% contrast = pure AMOLED black + white text

β˜… Bottom address bar

β˜… Manage websites that appear on the homepage
Long-press to move or delete the tiles, click the [+] to add a new website.

β˜… Disable AMP (Settings, Privacy)

β˜… Block annoying notifications

β˜… Block slow and invasive trackers to protect your privacy.

β˜… Translation into 60 languages.

β˜… Import / Export bookmarks.

β˜… Custom Downloads folder
Choose where your downloaded files are stored.
Note: On certain Android versions, when you uninstall an app, Android also removes your downloads.
Keep it in mind if you manipulate Kiwi (to backup bookmarks file) or transfer to another device.

β˜… Supports many extensions


Advanced users:
If you want to open links with an external application, you can long-press on the link, or change the default setting in Settings, Accessibility.

To add a new search engine, go to your favorite search engine, and do a couple of searches, and then go to Settings, Search Engine.


Kiwi Browser is very new, and still in test. Please help us by sending a little e-mail if you see crashes, bugs or just want to say Hi 😊


Made in Estonia

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Kiwi Browser?

Kiwi Browser is a fast and quiet internet browser that allows you to browse websites, read news, watch videos, and listen to music without any annoyances.

What is Kiwi Browser based on?

Kiwi Browser is based on Chromium and WebKit, the engine that powers the most popular browser in the world.

What are the main features of Kiwi Browser?

The main features of Kiwi Browser include incredible page load speed, a powerful ad block that removes most intrusive ads, a strong pop-ups blocker, cryptojacking protection, and the ability to unlock Facebook Web Messenger without installing the Facebook application.

Can I customize the appearance of Kiwi Browser?

Yes, Kiwi Browser offers a night mode with customizable contrast and grayscale mode. You can also choose to have a bottom address bar and manage websites that appear on the homepage.

Can I block annoying notifications in Kiwi Browser?

Yes, Kiwi Browser allows you to block annoying notifications to enhance your browsing experience.

Can Kiwi Browser protect my privacy?

Yes, Kiwi Browser has a feature to block slow and invasive trackers, which helps protect your privacy while browsing the internet.

Can I import/export bookmarks in Kiwi Browser?

Yes, Kiwi Browser supports the import/export of bookmarks, allowing you to easily transfer them between devices.

Are there extensions available for Kiwi Browser?

Yes, Kiwi Browser supports many extensions, providing additional functionalities and customization options.

How can advanced users customize Kiwi Browser?

Advanced users can customize Kiwi Browser by changing the default setting for opening links with an external application and adding new search engines.

Is Kiwi Browser still in development?

Yes, Kiwi Browser is relatively new and still in the testing phase. Users are encouraged to report crashes, bugs, or provide feedback to help improve the browser.
Holy heavens, this is amazing, especially the chrome extensions
Ni-Ka Hikari ε…‰
One of the most convenient browsers I've ever seen. Would highly recommend Kiwi browser to anyone. Simply loved it!
Avro Saha
Update kiwi browcer and chromium version also
Dynamide Deba
Good browser
E m m y
The best android browser easily. Almost complete extension support, video sites work fine, too, so no need for their apps! The light theme needs tweaking, of which I've already opened a ticket.
Jakab Gipsz