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About ZeeMee

ZeeMee is THE app for students who want to meet others and get their college-related questions answered quickly. Whether you're working on your applications, celebrating your admittance, or living it up at college, we've got a community for you.

Everyone on the app is here to build a fun and inclusive community that they'll carry onto campus. Happen to be an aspiring horticulture major who loves anime, wrestling, and needs a chill roommate? We can definitely introduce you to another student you'll love to chat with.

• Message other applicants for help when you're stuck...or dancing parrot gifs when you need a laugh
• Post questions for Admissions Officers to answer and see what other students are asking too

• Join live Q+A sessions with current college students before you select your future home
• Take our roommate quiz and see how you % match with every other admit

• Join smaller chats with students in your dorm, clubs, major, or courses**
• Finally figure out who the other students in your classes are using our Study Buddy feature**

** Currently, this is only available for a handful of colleges, but we're constantly adding more to keep up with demand!

(Unlike other college apps that are built as tools to help Admissions teams reach students, ZeeMee is fully designed with students, like you, in mind! Soooo...send your comments, questions, and best memes to [email protected] whenever the mood strikes.)


Here's what current freshmen who downloaded ZeeMee last year say about the app:

• "ZeeMee's great for meeting people. I loved attending trivia nights and getting my questions answered."
• "Most of the friends I have, I met through this app."
• "It's cool and makes you less anxious because you feel you're not alone. I wish I had known about the app earlier"

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ZeeMee?

ZeeMee is an app designed for students to connect with others and get their college-related questions answered quickly.

How can ZeeMee help applicants?

ZeeMee allows applicants to message other applicants for help, post questions for Admissions Officers to answer, and join live Q+A sessions with current college students.

What features does ZeeMee offer to admitted students?

ZeeMee offers admitted students the opportunity to take a roommate quiz to see how compatible they are with other admits and join live Q+A sessions with current college students.

What features does ZeeMee offer to undergrads?

ZeeMee allows undergrads to join smaller chats with students in their dorm, clubs, major, or courses, and use the Study Buddy feature to connect with other students in their classes.

Is ZeeMee available for all colleges?

Currently, ZeeMee is available for a handful of colleges, but more colleges are constantly being added to meet demand.

How can I contact ZeeMee for support or inquiries?

You can send your comments, questions, and memes to [email protected].
Awesome way to make new friends!
Samara Anderson
The best app ever created. 100 out of 10
Igor Savchuk
Great developers, great app.
Christopher L
10/10 would reccomend. My university's Class of 2024 met over 100/500 students before the first day if school. Also, I made a music atudent GC and we all became close friends! Although the app has bugs along...
Peter Hawks
I get to talk to teachers, students from other states, and know where people are going
William A. Molina Jr.
At first I was having poems with it (crashing) then I was contacted by the company and they fixed it within a couple days. The customer service was amazing and the app works great and I'm meeting a lot of ne...