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About Biodynamic Gardening Calendar

Do you want to grow plentiful, better quality fruit, vegetables and flowers?

The Biodynamic Gardening Calendar app is here to help. Whether you’re growing in a garden or on an allotment, small-holding or farm, this app will help you find the ideal dates and times to plant, sow and tend your plants.

The biodynamic method is used by farmers and gardeners all around the world to improve the quality of their plants. Based on 50+ years of research, it takes into account solar rhythms and the movements of planets, as well as lunar cycles. Now, you too can reap the benefits of the biodynamic method with the help of this app. The Biodynamic Gardening Calendar makes it easy for beginners and experienced biodynamic farmers alike to put this tried and tested method into practice.

Discover what to do and when
* When should you plant strawberries? What is the best time to harvest lettuce? Just click on a date to explore recommended activities for your garden, allotment or farm
* Daily activities are sorted by Time Type (showing you when to work with fruit, root, flower or leaf plants) and Special Activities (such as pruning and pest control), making it easy to find out what you should do

Personalise to fit you and your interests
* Filter activities by Time Type or Special Activity to show only information about the type of plants you’re growing (you can consult the crop index to find out which are relevant to you)
* View calendar by week or month
* Automatically adjusts to your time zone and the 12hr/24hr settings on your device

Subscribe now to plan ahead
* View activities on today’s date and past dates for free
* Want to look ahead? Plan your gardening in advance - by specific activities or fruit, root, flower or leaf times – only available with the handy annual subscription

What makes the Biodynamic Gardening Calendar app special?
* It’s new and improved, building on the success of the Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar app
* It’s accurate and reliable - the information is based on biodynamic pioneer Maria Thun's bestselling calendar, which has been published annually for over 50 years and has sold over 100,000 copies in English
* Over the moon! – this app goes above and beyond the standard lunar gardening calendars, based on Maria Thun's unique insights
* Subscribe now to gain access to activities on all available future dates so you can start planning ahead to get the best results in your garden or farm

dina hazim
After reading the book this application is a great help in gardening biodymanicly!
Anna Kalintseva