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About MD254: Digital watch face

The MD254 is a Digital Watch face for Wear OS by Matteo Dini MD.

It contains 4 Preset App shortcuts, 2 customizable shortcuts, customizable complication, steps, heart rate, date multilanguage, changeable colors and more..

Installation Notes:

1 - Make sure the watch is properly connected to the phone

After a few minutes the watch face was transferred on watch : check the watch faces installed by the Wearable app on the phone.


2 - If you are having synchronization problems between your phone and Play Store, install the app directly from watch: search "MD254" from Play Store on watch and hit on install button.

3 - Alternatively, try installing the watch face from web browser on your PC.

Please consider that any issues on this side are NOT developer dependent. The developer has no control over the Play Store from this side.

Write to [email protected] if you need assistance.

Watch face features:

- 12/24hr based on phone settings
- Multilanguage
- Date
- BPM Heart Rate + Intervals
- Steps
- Customizable complication
- Battery
- Daily Goals (steps set to 10000)
- Week of year
- 4 Preset App Shortcuts
- 2 customizable shortcuts
- Always ON Display supported
- Changeable LCD colors
- Changeable Backgrounds
- Changeable font colors

Watch face preset APP Shortcuts:

- Measure Heart Rate
- Calendar
- Phone
- Set alarms

Customizable complication:

you can customize the field with the any data you want.
For example, you can select weather, time zone, sunset/sunrise, barometer, next appointment and more.

*some features may not be available on some watches.

Heart rate:

Heart rate is automatically measured every 10 minutes.
Please make sure that the screen is turned on and that the watch is worn correctly on the wrist.


1 - Touch and hold display
2 - Tap on customize option

Let's keep in touch !

Matteo Dini MD ® is a well-known and ultra-awarded brand in the watch faces world!
Some references:

Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner – Interview:

#1 Samsung Mobile Press:

#2 Samsung Mobile Press:

Matteo Dini MD ® is also a registered trademark in the United States and Europe.

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Great watch face just one thing does it have 24 hour feature
Alan Burgan
very nice
bhuwaneshwar singh
Definitely one of the best watch face!!! Loved it
Gaurav Rajani
Excellent WF, great job
muawiyah shabana
One of my favorite from Tizen and now I can use with WearOS!
Railan Barbosa
I absolutely love this watch face and how I can still keep the edge, but add my girly flare. I've purchased more watch faces because of the great quality Thanks again
Sequita Whitehead