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About MD236D - Digital watch face

The MD236D is a Premium Digital watch Face for Wear OS by Matteo Dini MD.

It contains 5 shortcuts, 2 custom shortcuts, steps, Customizable fields, Moon phase, Daily Goals, Heart Rate, Date, changeable colors and more.

Installation Notes:

1 - Make sure the watch is properly connected to the phone

After a few minutes the watch face was transferred on watch : check the watch faces installed by the Wearable app on the phone.


2 - If you are having synchronization problems between your phone and Play Store, install the app directly from watch: search "MD236D" from Play Store on watch and hit on install button.

3 - Alternatively, try installing the watch face from web browser on your PC.

Please consider that any issues on this side are NOT developer dependent. The developer has no control over the Play Store from this side. Thank you.

Write to [email protected] for assistance.

Watch face features:

- 12/24hr Digital Time based on phone settings (No leading ZERO in 12hr format)
- Day / Month Multilanguage
- BPM Heart Rate
- Moon Phase
- Steps
- Daily goals (steps set to 10000).
- 2 Customizable fields
- Battery %
- 2 Customizable App Shortcuts
- 5 Preset App Shortcuts
- Always ON Display supported on Gear S3, Sport and Galaxy Watch series.


- Heart Rate
- Calendar
- Battery Status
- Measure Heart Rate
- Phone

Watch face customization:

1 - Touch and hold display
2 - Tap on customize option

Customizable field:

you can customize the field with the any data you want.
For example, you can select weather, time zone, sunset/sunrise, barometer, next appointment and more.

*some features may not be available on some watches.

Heart rate:

Heart rate on watch face is automatically measured every 30 minutes.
Please make sure that the screen is turned on and that the watch is worn correctly on the wrist.

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Is pleasure to have this watchface, i buy it without regret.
Nikola Proevski
Love it! Very nice watch face, easy to read a lots of feature. But what is the bottom scale with white background? Percentage of something?
Awesome watch face, became my daily one. Any chance to leave the weather icon out of the color choice?
Carlos Muñoz Barahona
Awesome Face ,Just downloaded and loving it
Jide Babatope
Awesomeness in Digital form. Loving this watch face on my galaxy watch 4
Gulshan Rana
Beautiful. Very clear and great layout. Essential information is on this face. I love how customizable it is. Battery consumption seems fairly good. Works well on my GW4 44mm. MD was one of my favourites whi...
Jay C