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About Wannalisn

Wannalisn is an innovative platform to learn English by combining education and entertainment. All through tiny clips from TV series, movies and songs.

Our mission:
To help people around the world learn and understand the fast English of native
speakers... and have fun at the same time!

Here's what sets Wannalisn apart:
-Completely interactive and
100% audiovisual.
-Built to feel like a game: users get points, compete
with other users on a leaderboard and qualify to
exchange points for extra premium content.
-Free content daily to learn English.
-Exercises are designed as "bite-sized" content pills for those daily micro-moments on-the-go to fit anyone's schedule.
-Content includes listening and vocabulary exercises. Users have to answer questions to move forward.

Here's why it's effective:
-English from movies is very close to how it is spoken in real life.
-Audiovisual clips make it easier to remember what you are learning in English:
-Make emotional connections with familiar scenes and actors.
-Hear how things are really said.

Developer: Wannalisn SL
Contact: [email protected]

I'm in love with this app!
Valeria Dubatolova