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About myFlexPay

Imagine having instant access to the money you’ve earned instead of having to wait for your next paycheck.

No more scraping together spare change, unnecessary overdraft fees, emergency charges to a high-interest credit card, or worrying about an unpaid bill or an unplanned expense - just simple, easy financial freedom.

That’s exactly what you get with myFlexPay (powered by Wagestream).

We partner with your employer to give you the power to access your earned wages, streaming them into your account whenever you need them. Our secure, safe technology links to your company’s timekeeping system. If you need it, you can log in, request a transfer, and we’ll stream the amount to your bank account instantly for a small fee ($2.99 for an instant transfer, $1.99 for a next day transfer).

Your company will pay you as usual - with any streams you’ve taken from us subtracted from the final amount.

Please note, this benefit only works if your employer is a myFlexPay partner. You can log into our secure app using the details provided to you by your employer.

Fast, easy app to use
Very convenient
Jose Cordero
App has high levels of artificial intelligence, thus only picking ones with 100% credit score history. Dont even bother with it if less .
David Mellor