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About BAT VET! Doctor games for kids boys girls toddlers

The Adventures of the Little Bat is a fun new game that is full of surprises for kids of all ages!The little bat has received letters from many animals! The animals are all having some kind of trouble or another, and they need your help and care! Hurry, fly off to help them! The “light” version gives you access to four of the animals.

In this game, the child will find a huge number of tasks to match their interests, all found in four locations: Africa, the ocean, a meadow, and the North. Four animals live in each location. The child must help the animals get well, build homes for them, gather unusual items and draw a variety of shapes.

ANIMALS used in this game:

1. GIRAFFE – he got a sore throat! Take his temperature, make him a cold compress and give him some medicine!
2. ELEPHANT – he got all dirty! Wash him and give him some healing cream!
3. MONKEY – she got into a cage. Find the right key to open the cage!
4. ZEBRA – she lost her stripes. Help return them and feed the hungry zebra!
5. FISH – she got stuck out on the sand! What should you do to help?
6. LEMUR – his ship is broken. Glue the parts of the ship into the right spots!
7. JELLYFISH – clean the seaweed off of her and give her the right medicine!
8. TURTLE – help the little turtle babies hatch from their eggs, and sort the items into the right baskets!
9. SQUIRREL – gather up the edible items that are hiding under the leaves and help grow a flower!
10. BUNNY – help the bunny take his bandages off, listen to his heartbeat, and put new band-aids over his little cuts.
11. HEDGEHOG – he has got germs. Catch the germs and sort them by color!
12. WOLF – he needs to go to the dentist…
13. FOX – she lost her little kids. Find them and give them something to eat!
14. LITTLE BULL – he climbed up a tree and can't get back down. Build a ladder for him!
15. BEAR – dig a den for the bear, and spread some stones and leaves to make it cozy!
16. ANT – build a home for the ant and find the right key for it!

By playing this game, the child will learn to draw 12 different shapes: CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, RHOMBUS, SPIRAL, ZIGZAG, CASTLE, HEART, FISH, COIL, UMBRELLA and CRESCENT MOON! Gather the stars and you will get to see the shape that was drawn!

THERE'S MORE! You can gather 80 items, each of which is specific to the location!

- bright and beautiful graphics, pleasant sounds and voices
- many animations which accompany each action
- each task is accompanied by a voice over in the child's native language
- the player needs to help 16 different animals!
- the player can explore the world around him or her!
- there are 80 items to be gathered!
- learn to draw 12 basic shapes!

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