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About Masha and the Bear: Kid Games!

Learn by playing baby girl games and little boy games! These are educational game for toddlers! Free kids games where we learn numbers for kids! Games for little kids are a comprehensive learning experience for the little ones! 📚

Kids educational games for toddlers based on the Masha and the Bear animated series will help a lot to prepare toddlers for kindergarten and school. In the games for baby are free educational games with your favorite characters on a variety of topics! Your kid will be happy to plunge into tasks that develop logic, intelligence, curiosity, memory, and attention! Your little one will love these education games for little kids! 👶👩‍🏫

What's inside the educational game for toddlers:
- 100 objects to study;
- over 20 logic tasks in kids games free;
- child games with the characters;
- development of useful skills;
- learn numbers for kids;
- memory games for kids;
- and 7 educational topics and interactive jigsaw puzzles.

What does a wolf eat? With Masha and the Bear, we'll learn animal names, what they look like, and what they eat. We will learn all this by playing baby girl games and little boy games!

1️⃣ NUMBERS 7️⃣
One, two, three ... Masha will teach the smallest kids to count! How many apples are in the picture? Learn numbers for kids in free kids games!

The kid will learn what musical instruments are called and how they sound. Shall we play the violin with the Bear? These are child games: memory games for kids!

What color is a lemon? We'll look into fruits, vegetables, and colors with the characters of your favorite animated series! Kid games free will be interesting to everyone!

Masha will tell you what you can eat and what not. Shall we treat Masha to some cake? She'll only eat edible treats! Are we going to play educational game for toddlers and have fun?

Airplanes, bikes, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and what not! What's our next destination? Learn and play kids games free!

Masha and the Bear will teach your kid to sort objects apart to help the environment! Where do you toss a plastic bottle? Education games for little kids have never been so useful!

With the characters of the series, we'll collect parts from a freeze frame of an episode. And if you complete a whole jigsaw kids puzzles you'll get a surprise!!

The games for baby 0 to 5. A user-friendly interface, simple controls, and your favorite animated series characters will provide you with all the skills you need to get ready for kindergarten and school. Not only does a kid learn a lot when playing kids educational games for toddlers, it also develops dexterity and logical thinking. There are kid games free! 👩‍🏫📚

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Play free educational games & free kids games together! Everyone will love these baby girl games and little boy games!

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