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About Bibi.Pet Farm - Kids Games for 2 3+ year old

Are you ready to discover the magic world of Bibi.Pet?

The funny little animals that live there have particular shapes and speak their own special language: the Bibi’s language, which only children can understand.
Bibi.Pet are cute, friendly and scatterbrained, and can’t wait to play with all the family!

You can learn and have fun with them with colors, shapes, puzzles and logic games.


- Associate colors
- Learn shapes
- Use logic
- Complete puzzles
- Educational games for children over 2 years of age
- Lots of different games for learning while having fun


- Absolutely no adverts
- Designed to entertain children aged from 2 to 6, from little to big!
- Games with SIMPLE rules for children to play alone or with their parents.
- Perfect for children at play school.
- A host of entertaining sounds and interactive animation.
- No need for reading skills, perfect also for pre-school or nursery children.
- Characters created for boys and girls.


Our shape and color puzzles are made for infants and toddlers. Children from 0-3 years can start to learn and perceive colors and basic geometric shapes, interacting simply and intuitively.


Logical associations and puzzles are one of the best ways for small boys and girls to learn while having fun. Our association games enable kids to start identifying differences and group elements by shape, colors and type of object.

--- Bibi.Pet Who are we? ---

We produce games for our children, and it is our passion. We produce tailor-made games, without invasive advertising by third parties.
Some of our games have free trial versions, which means you can try them out first before purchases, supporting our team and enabling us to develop new games and keep all our apps up-to-date.

We create a variety of games based on: colours and shapes, dressing up, dinosaur games for boys, games for girls, mini-games for smaller children and many other fun and educational games; you can try them all!

Our thanks to all the families who show their trust in Bibi.Pet!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bibi.Pet?

Bibi.Pet is a collection of kids games designed for children aged 2 to 6. The games feature cute and friendly animals that speak their own special language.

What can children learn from Bibi.Pet games?

Children can learn colors, shapes, logic, and problem-solving skills through the various games offered by Bibi.Pet.

Are the games suitable for young children?

Yes, the games are designed for children aged 2 to 6. They have simple rules and entertaining sounds and animations that are perfect for play school or nursery children.

Are there any advertisements in Bibi.Pet games?

No, there are absolutely no adverts in Bibi.Pet games. They are created to provide a safe and ad-free gaming experience for children.

Can parents play the games with their children?

Yes, the games can be played by children alone or with their parents. They are designed to be enjoyable for the whole family.

What types of games are available in Bibi.Pet?

Bibi.Pet offers a variety of games including color and shape puzzles, logical associations, and mini-games for smaller children. There are games for both boys and girls.

Are there trial versions available for Bibi.Pet games?

Yes, some of the games have free trial versions that allow users to try them out before making a purchase. This supports the development of new games by Bibi.Pet.
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