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About FNF Night Battle - Friday Funkin Music Tap

Mic check! Testing 1 2 3 ️🎤

Yo! Welcome to the show Friday Night Funkin, where you are gonna be the star so let's flex your skill and rock this music battle 🤘

Inspired by Friday Night Funkin', also known as FNF, a funny musical game and rhythm battle. FNF Night Battle - Friday Funkin Music Tap will bring to you a new wave of gameplay, Music Tap. In order to rescue Girlfriend, you take a role as Boyfriend and join in rap battle. Your mission is tap circles on the touchscreen, drag a circle across a fixed path to perform the song and lit the stage. FNF can drive you to insane and amazing experience, fire up your finger with Hard and Sick Mode

Do you wanna rock this battle until the sun rise? Let's go

- Tiles fall with music melody
- Full mod characters
- Various gameplay mode (Story, Hard, Sick,...)
- Catchy background music
- One-tap control, easy to play

- Use just 1 finger to control
- Tap circle FNF music arrow

Are you ready to rock the rhythm, kill the beat and burn the stage with us? Download FNF Night Battle - Friday Funkin Music Tap and Let's get it now! ️🎸

This game is so much much I mean so much fun because I don't know how to use the real one yet but this is isbso much fun then I thought so i gave it a 100,000/10 If you don't have this game yet you should tr...
Hersilia Bilka