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About FNF Beat Remix - Friday Night Fire Battle (New)

🎸 Brand NEW version of FNF🎸
Inspired by favorite FNF characters, the free game FNF Beat Remix - Friday Night Fire Battle will bring you the greatest, lively remix music battles. To all funkin people out there, prepare yourself for a mashup of songs and mods that will hit stronger than ever, weeks by weeks!

HOW TO PLAY : hover the gunsight and fire the beat as the arrows fall down. Try to hit as many perfect notes as you can. Compete against your opponents to have a date with Girlfriend. If your remix is more impressive than theirs, you win. Can you do that before the week ends?

- All the famous characters from the FNF popular game, in different mods: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Mommy Nearest, Monster, and Spirit. Hyper, bolder, and absolutely funkier!
- New character from famous titles: LoL, Superhuman, GoT...
- Music especially made for Friday Night battles with familiar songs mashed up perfectly.
- Easy to play with understandable control.
- Enjoy the free game online/offline as you wish. Play with friends to make it funnier.

Fire up the Friday nights, fire the beats with FNF Beat Remix - Friday Night Fire Battle . DOWNLOAD NOW!

Great game
Jonathan Shultz