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About Mechanical Engineering Calculator

An excellent tool for mechanical engineers or students at university and college, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Mechanical Engineering Formula Calculator offers ~250 formulas in 16 categories, with more being added in upcoming updates. Categories include the fields of mathematics, physics, and mechanical engineering. To perform calculations, all a user needs to do is choose a formula and enter the required variables. The app will then calculate the equation and display the result.
For faster and convenient calculations the Formula Calculator can be customized on an individual level.

The following categories are available:
• Actuator
• Algebra
• Bearing
• Fluid Power
• Gravitation
• Kinematics
• Kinetic Energy
• Kinetic theory of gases
• Laws of motion
• Oscillations
• Properties of solid and liquid
• Rotational motion
• Thermodynamics
• Trigonometry
• Waves and sound
• Work energy power

God job
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