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About Moovit: Timing & Navigation for all Transit Types

Moovit is one app for all your urban mobility rides 🚍🚇🚘🛴.

🏆"If you need to get anywhere by mass transit, you need will open up a new world for you, even if you just travel domestically" - USA Today.🏆

Transportation is an integral part of urban living. Whether you ride the train🚆, subway🚇, bus🚍, light rail🚈, ferry⛴️ or metro, use dockless scooters🛴, bikes🚴‍♀️, ride-sharing like Uber🚘, getting the best urban mobility information is critical. Enter Moovit! Moovit guides you from point A to B in the easiest and most efficient way. Get train and bus times, maps, live navigation and real-time schedules with ease so you can plan your trip with confidence. Find critical alerts and service disruptions for your favorite lines. Get step-by-step directions of optimal route bus, train, metro, bike, scooter or a combination of them.

Moovit guides more than 720 million users in over 3000 cities throughout the world. Commuters will find updated bus times and train times, transit maps, and, where available, real-time line arrivals. Locate nearby bus stops and train stations, travel with on-the-go live navigation guidance, receive get-off alerts at your destination to ensure a smooth ride.This is why Moovit has been named one of the best apps of the year in 2016 and 2017 by the Google Play and App Stores, respectively.

🚍 Real time arrivals. View real-time arrival updates, which are taken directly from GPS devices positioned on buses and trains. Avoid wasting time guessing train times or bus times.

Real time alerts. Know about issues ahead of time by receiving service alerts such as emergency or unexpected disruptions, delays, traffic jams, new construction, and more so that you can plan ahead if your bus time or train time changed.

🔔 Live Navigation. Get step-by-step bus directions and other transit directions with live guidance from A-to-B: Know how long you need to walk to your station, view the arrival time of your line, receive get-off alerts at your destination & more.

📱Users reports. Moovit’s users report issues found with stations, line service, and schedules so that we can inform all nearby riders about what’s going on in their area.

🚩Favorite lines, stations, and places. Get easy access to lines, stations, and places you ride and visit all the time. Plus, get real-time updates if/when there are changes to your Favorite lines in case of your bus time or train time is impacted!

🚴 Bike routes. Get bike routes in addition to the bus, subway, train, or metro trip plans. If you ride bikes (yours or shared) we can plan a route that includes the train or bus. Moovit will help you plan a trip that meets your transit-needs. Bike docking stations are updated in real-time. Bike trip plans are only available in supported metro areas.

🗺️ Maps view. View all stations, routes, and lines on the subway or bus map. Additionally, maps are available in PDF for when you’re offline, or underground on the subway.

Moovit is the #1 urban mobility app in the world.
We’re proud to collaborate with public transit agencies across the United States, including:
NJ Transit
LA Metro
MTA Maryland
Sound Transit

You only need one app on your phone to navigate nearby buses and transit in the U.S. and across 98 other countries and in 45 languages. If you’d like to know bus times and train times in London, Barcelona, Madrid, or Rome, or, if you need to find out when the last bus leaves a certain bus stop in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Melbourne, Seoul, Moovit has you covered.

Feel free to contact us:
moovit@Facebook, Twitter

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Moovit?

Moovit is an app that provides timing and navigation for all types of urban transit, such as buses, trains, subways, bikes, and scooters.

Why is Moovit important for urban living?

Moovit is important for urban living because it provides the best urban mobility information, including train and bus times, live navigation, real-time schedules, and critical alerts and service disruptions.

How many users does Moovit have?

Moovit guides more than 720 million users in over 3000 cities worldwide.

What features does Moovit offer?

Moovit offers features such as real-time arrival updates, real-time alerts, live navigation with step-by-step directions, user reports, favorite lines and places, bike routes, and maps view.

What public transit agencies does Moovit collaborate with in the United States?

Moovit collaborates with public transit agencies such as MTA, NJ Transit, MBTA, SEPTA, LA Metro, SFMTA Muni, BART, Caltrain, CTA, Metra, WMATA, MTA Maryland, TriMet, and Sound Transit.

In how many languages is Moovit available?

Moovit is available in 45 languages.

Can I use Moovit internationally?

Yes, Moovit can be used in 98 countries, including London, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Melbourne, and Seoul.

Where can I contact Moovit for support or inquiries?

You can contact Moovit by visiting their support page at or by emailing them at moovit@Facebook or Twitter.
Alison Gallant
A very useful app esp when we are in a unfamiliar neighborhood
Phil Lai
Great app
Melissa Beecham
I mostly rely on the city bus and occasionally my bicycle to get around town. Since I've installed this app. My life has been tremendously easier 😃😁👍
Rose Manriquez
This is the best way to get travel information never been late for anything use it everyday I have to go out give it a try you won't be disappointed
Sarah Cavanagh
I use the move it to look up my bus time and it arrives exactly anytime you say it will arrive. I use this app everyday to catch my bus to work and home
denise dean