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Say OUI to all your travel desires. We continue to bring you more clarity, more support and more services.
We are keeping everything you love and improving the rest. promises to be your favourite travel companion., EVEN SIMPLER TO BOOK YOUR TRAIN TICKETS WITHIN FRANCE AND ACROSS EUROPE.
Book, change and cancel your journeys directly from your app. Expert services? No. 1 travel partner for the past 15 years - more and more practical, personalised and quicker all the time. Find out why 12 million travellers prefer our app.

- Download the app for free
- No need to register to check timetables or buy tickets - Safely book, change or cancel your journey in seconds
- We choose the best journey for you: The shortest, cheapest and most comfortable
- E-ticket, M-ticket... get everything you need to travel on your app
- Want to make a booking and pay later? That’s possible:
- If you wish, you can create a customer account and book in just 3 clicks!
- Take advantage of the SNCF loyalty scheme on your mobile: Earn SNCF loyalty points by adding your card number or promo code to your order. - Make the most of your SNCF card by travelling with TGV Lyria (for example) for less

- Find all your recent journeys
- Access your own personal low prices
- Using your client account, you only have to put in your preferences, promo cards and SNCF loyalty card numbers once
- Season tickets, friends, family... we save all the information to save you time
- It’s your space, personalise it with your choice of photos

- Your favourite searches are displayed on your home page
- Location finder: We find your nearest station
- We send you reminders of your timetable, seat number and platform information
- Your reservation is about to expire...? The app will warn you!

- Off you go! No need to validate your M-ticket / E-ticket
- Your M-ticket is available in your app, under “My Tickets”
- All the info about your journey is available on your mobile
- Access real-time travel information on your day of departure
- Share information about your journey on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media
- Out of battery? Don't worry, take your identity document to the conductor s they can find your e-reservation.

- Customer service: By e-mail or phone, we will always find a solution.
- Social networks, a practical way of getting a response to your questions. We guarantee to answer you on Twitter within 2 hours via our account: @clt_ouisncf.
- Our Help section might have the answer for you, feel free to check there at any time.

- Go wherever you fancy, as our network serves more than 4000 stations in France and Europe.
- Visit all of Europe: France, with SNCF; England, on Eurostar; Spain with RENFE; Belgium and the Netherlands, with Thalys; Ital,y with SVI and Switzerland, with TGV Lyria...

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is is the new name for Voyages-SNCF. It is a travel companion that allows you to book train tickets within France and across Europe.

How can I book train tickets with

You can book, change, and cancel your journeys directly from the app. It is a simple and convenient way to book your tickets.

What are the benefits of using offers effortless travel at the best price. You can download the app for free, check timetables and buy tickets without registering, and safely book, change or cancel your journey in seconds. The app also provides personalized recommendations for the shortest, cheapest, and most comfortable journeys.

Can I make a booking and pay later with

Yes, it is possible to make a booking and pay later with You can create a customer account and book in just 3 clicks.

What features does the app have?

The app allows you to access your recent journeys, personalized low prices, and your own client account preferences. It also provides a location finder for the nearest station, sends reminders of your timetable and seat number, and alerts you if your reservation is about to expire.

What should I do if my M-ticket or E-ticket is not available on my app?

If your M-ticket or E-ticket is not available on your app, you can show your identity document to the conductor, and they can find your e-reservation.

How can I get customer support for

You can reach customer service by email or phone, and they will always find a solution for you. You can also get a response to your questions on social networks like Twitter, where guarantees a response within 2 hours.

What is the network coverage of serves more than 4000 stations in France and Europe, allowing you to travel to various destinations such as England, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland.
Easy & simple way to travel, courage!
George Farhat
Pratique et simple d'utilisation ! C'est bien évidemment mieux que le naviguateur lorsque vous êtes sur téléphone.
Aloïs A.Graff
luc v
Super appli. J'étais de ceux qui ont critiqué longtemps le site web de la SNCF mais l'appli est vraiment top super intuitive très ergonomique. Beau boulot des développeurs !
Isa H
Tres intuitif
Rémi Blasco
Très efficace. Simple et pratique.
Hamza Lebbar