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About idealista

At idealista, we designed our app in order for you to find the house that you need or complete your sale or lease as easily as possible. If you are looking for a flatshare or a tenant for your room, well you're in luck, because this is your application.

If you need to sell or rent your house, the app allows you to upload idealista listings for flats, garages, commercial property, shared accommodation or offices, including all necessary information including up to 40 photos. And if you already have an listing on idealista, you can modify or change as well as add photos.

If you are looking for a home, our team has analysed the experiences of our millions of users to provide the best property search engine possible. It’s especially useful when you're on the road and want to know if there is any property of interest in the area;
• We have hundreds of thousands of homes and rooms advertised on sale and for rent in Madrid, Barcelona and even in the village of your grandmother. We will show those who are close to you thanks to android geo-location. The application scans a radius of 10 km and provides a list of homes ordered by proximity to your position
• You can find flats, houses, rooms or whatever you need in the area you like (without being there) through the browser in which you can enter the street and area.
• Once you have the list, you can filter using the same criteria that exist on the web version
• When an listing catches your eye, you can see every detail including photos, description, viewing the location on the map as well as being able to contact the advertiser. You can even save it as a favourite to view it later on your device or from your computer at home.

• Remember when you want to search a particular area, to use the search box.
• If you only get a few results, try to change the filters or expanding search radius.
• If you're going to post an listing, take pictures with care. low quality images drastically reduce success of listings.
• To access your account, enter your password carefully since the phone keypads are very treacherous (if you pay attention to capital letters, special characters, or if it is a shared computer) .
• If you are missing something, in the section 'more stuff' we have a 'tell us something' so we can include it in future updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can the idealista app be used for?

The idealista app can be used to find a house, sell or lease a property, find a flatshare or a tenant for a room.

Can I upload listings on idealista?

Yes, you can upload idealista listings for flats, garages, commercial property, shared accommodation, or offices, including up to 40 photos. You can also modify or change existing listings and add photos.

What does the property search engine in the app do?

The property search engine in the app allows you to find homes and rooms for sale or rent in your desired area. It uses geo-location to show properties that are close to your current position, and you can filter the search results using various criteria.

What details can I view for a property listing in the app?

For a property listing, you can view photos, description, location on the map, and contact details of the advertiser. You can also save listings as favorites to view them later.

Do you have any tips for using the app effectively?

Yes, here are some tips:
Good to see what is around to buy
richard fox
Intuitive interface, sensible search and filter options - especially the 'draw map' function. Excellent all round. Thanks for such an invaluable tool, to buy abroad.
Tim Mullin
Excellent one place solutions
Amethysta Viola
Excelente producto
David Bloch
Top class app,I'm a fan of yours
p s
Nice and easy app