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About Facts! - true false facts quiz

Decide whether the statements are true or false. Don't rush, there is no time limit. Just relax, think and answer. We have astounding facts from lots of topics such as: Space, Animals, Geography or Capitals. Try out your general knowledge with this fine selection of educational facts. You can play two game modes: learn and quiz. The quiz mode is a true false trivia quiz game. You select one of the available topics and start answering true or false questions. If you respond correctly to the questions, you win awards and coins. Coins are used to unlock different topics.

In learning mode you simply navigate through a selection of trivia facts from the selected category. The point is to learn new facts and share with your friends if you like them. All facts are carefully chosen and have beautiful pictures assigned. We try to make the trivia facts relevant for each topic and make this game truly educational. Some facts are challenging, but this is whole point of the game: learn new stuff and have fun!

◈ Intuitive gameplay, no complicated rules
◈ Great graphics
◈ Multiple game modes: True False Quiz and Learn Mode
◈ Does not require registration or Internet connection
◈ Has NO ads.
◈ Unlock all levels using a single one time payment.

If you like the game, please help me improve it. If you have any suggestion just email me at: [email protected]

It help in mind development
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Gimme more to enrich my knowledges
Sarah Yohana Sihombing
Love it!
Alexandru Popa