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About Interval Round Timer - workout timer

Interval Round Timer is a simple and easy to use workout timer application.
It uses a very intuitive user interface, designed to help you spend less time configuring the app and more time working out. It has big controls and big text on the screen, making it accessible for everybody. The application is easy to use and configure using the custom touch controls. You have only 4 parameters to set: warm up time, number of rounds, round duration and rest duration. All four have dedicated controls, you tap on them and you write the value using the numeric keyboard. Configuring the interval timer is as simple as tapping your pin. Also the app has various presets to choose from or you can save your own presets. That said, this application is probably the easiest to use HIIT timer on the market. This sports timer application counts your time like never before. The perfect Timer-beautifully clean, simple and reliable.

Don’t feel like working out? Exercise Timer, can also be used as a study timer, work timer, cooking timer, games timer rest timer and even for yoga practice or meditation.

This timer can be also used for the famous Pomodoro Technique as a Pomodoro Timer

Suitable for all kinds of activities, including:
◈ Boxing round timer
◈ Pomodoro
◈ Interval workout
◈ Calisthenics circuit timer
◈ Circuit training
◈ HIIT training
◈ Tabata
◈ Yoga
◈ Fitness
◈ Running
◈ Cycling
◈ Cardio
◈ CrossFit
◈ Gymnastic
◈ Kettle Bell
◈ Karate
◈ Pilates
◈ Weight Training

◈ Cooking
◈ Meditation

Contact us
◈ Email: [email protected]

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