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About TheCircle - Your Psychic App

Contact highly skilled and gifted psychics live for love and life advice at the touch of a button. Speak to the same exceptionally talented psychic Readers for personal psychic advice on TheCircle psychic app.

Having relationship issues? Still looking for love? Not sure which direction to take in life or career?

TheCircle psychics have a wealth of expertise with our top psychics including Tarot Readers, Clairvoyants, gifted Mediums and intuitive fortune tellers. Call a live psychic now to give you the answers you really need to move forward.

Every TheCircle psychic is rigorously monitored and tested so that we can ensure you get only the best psychics for your psychic reading. Established in 1997 with a vision to provide the best psychic readings service for people to turn to for psychic guidance and fulfilment, which remains the same today.

• Online psychic advice anytime, anywhere

No matter the difficulties you are facing in life, whether love, family or career related, you can always rely on TheCircle app, we have the very best psychics. Choose from gifted Mediums, Tarot Readers, Love psychics or Clairvoyants and receive your life changing answers in a psychic reading.

• Psychic text

Like a psychic messenger, TheCircle CHAT allows you online psychic text direct to TheCircle psychics.

• Psychic help from your Favourite top psychics

Who are you drawn to? Choose a psychic for personal psychic advice instantly, then add them into your favourite Reader list for faster access to follow-up psychic readings.

• Never miss a reading with your favourite live psychics

If your selected Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader or Medium is currently not available, don’t worry! Use the Callback feature which allows a psychic to contact you once they are available.

• Latest Horoscope predictions

TheCircle FREE daily Horoscopes direct to your mobile

• Be inspired daily

Quote of the day can bring you quick psychic guidance daily

• Regular offers on psychic readings

Easy to redeem vouchers via TheCircle app

• Manage your account through TheCircle app

Take control of your account through TheCircle app. NOW with access to TheCircle Mail – messaging direct to you from TheCircle psychics.

FREE psychic app – psychic advice in your hand. Never miss out on the personal psychic advice you need, download TheCircle app today!

Quotes from satisfied TheCircle customers:

“The information TheCircle psychic has given totally reassured me that I am doing the right thing. So impressed, I phoned again.”

“Fantastic reading as always and so positive. I would recommend anyone have a psychic reading with TheCircle, you will not be disappointed“

“As a confused and emotional mess this morning I called one of TheCircle psychics and I am so glad I did. I now understand what's happening to him and to me.“

Don’t be nervous, you are not alone!

Many people rely on psychic readings to give them psychic guidance. All TheCircle psychics are strictly vetted before we accept them and we continually monitored them to ensure you always get the very best psychic online experience.

Find the right psychic support:

Clairvoyants & gifted Mediums – Choose from an extensive range of Clairvoyants and psychic Mediums with natural psychic abilities to gain the answers you need through psychic guidance.

Tarot Readers – Through the deck, Tarot Readers interpret the cards to reveal details and opportunities about your past, present and future.

Astrologers – For a deeper understanding of your daily horoscope, psychic Astrologers analyse your specific horoscope with your birth date to provide a clear path forward.

Love psychic – For a unique Love & Relationship perspective with personal psychic advice from one of TheCircle Love psychics.

Let nothing stop you finding the answers and fulfilment you need through an enlightening psychic reading, speak to a live psychic today!

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Marcus Rowe
Had my reading with was very good A++++
Jennifer Dodd
I was skeptical at first but they gave me 15mins free and let me tell you. It was AMAZING They picked up on things before I could ask. Fast response, non judgmental, hella accurate thank you for your services
Tasha Jackson
Wonderful cherokee
Sam Nicholas
I had many readings over the years at other sites but so far circle is the best all readers are amazing. I will recommend this to all of you.You should try this app and for me Circle is best app for reading ...
M Mubasher
Was skeptical at first, but wow the Readers were spot on. App makes it easy to connect as well as check for offers.
Daniel Buck