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About Sportfusion - Seahawks Edition

The only app any Seahawks fan should have!
All the news about the Seattle Seahawks from dozens of websites in one easy to navigate interface!

Features include:
* A news summary covering stories about the Seahawks from all sources ! Clean feed with no repeated stories. For each news item - see all sources that covered it with a simple long tap!

* Push notifications for important breaking news(optional)!

* A community of Seahawks fans! An in app commenting system, article tagging, reputation points and badges!

* A live scoreboard for all the Seahawks games and other NFL games.

* Videos from the top leading YouTube channels - all about the Seahawks!

* Customized news feed - if you want to follow specific players (e.g. Russell Wilson) or specific topics, like 'Injuries' - no problem. Just select the topics you want to follow from the topics menu or long-press any news item to get your own personalized news feed.

* Read later - save interesting stories easily and for free!

* Collapsed mode - an effective reading mode! Skim through the news and decide what you want to read, save or share!

* Block source - filter out unwanted sources

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Nathan iel
Charles Goodbear
1of2 app's as this don't give their schedule/pic's SeaGal's Etc. but better notifications
Steven P
Steven Clark
Highly recommended
Kyle Pederson
Great App.! News from all sources! Must have app! Flawless and Smooth. A few adds but what apps don't.
J.M. Gomez