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About UK News - Newsfusion

Why us?
Because we're simply the best and for free.
No, seriously -
We gather the news from all of the top sources covering UK news, and deliver it to you in the most efficient manner, and with an awesome user interface.
The app puts you and your time in the center:
* You can consume the news at your own pace (latest, day or week)
* You are served with a prioritized feed
* You get to be notified when there are important breaking news (optional)
* You have full control on your feed in terms of categories & topics you want to include or block
* You are served with a clean feed with no repeated stories
* You can mark stories for later reading
* You can block sources you don't like

In further detail:
The app is powered by the Newsfusion engine. A sophisticated news-aggregation engine powered by more than 8 years of data fusion expertise.
News from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are automatically gathered and brought to you from all around the web.
National, sports, entertainment, world, technology and more - everything is included, but with no information overload.
Complete features list:

- Full coverage of the whole United Kingdom - top news sources from around the web are cleverly aggregated and brought to you in a simple, well designed app for your convenience.

- No repeated stories - If a certain story was covered by more than one source, the app will group them together, and you can choose which source, or sources, you would like to read it from! No story will ever appear twice!

- Various time frames - keeping you up to date at all times. Choose latest, day or week, and catch up on what you've missed!

- A prioritized news feed - we know what's important! The news feed is organized by a smart algorithm that knows what news should appear first! Read the most important things first!

- Join the community! Post stories or polls, comment on stories, tag articles and earn badges!

- Push Notifications for prominent stories! In this busy world, we will notify you when something extremely important is going on!

- Your very own news feed - a smart topics management system allows you to choose your favorite topics, block completely topics that don't interest you and easily create a news feed created by you, especially for you.

- Block source - saw a source you don't like? Long tap on the article and block it!

- A great widget keeping you up to date even when you're busy!

- Videos curated from leading Youtube channels about whatever is going on in the UK!

- Read it later - mark articles for later reading with one click!

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Use of the Newsfusion Application is governed by the Newsfusion Terms of Use (

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Christopher Worthy
Everything I need is there
Einat Guri
Very well presented app that pulls in news stories from various sources. Users can adjust the priority of different news categories and block sources they don't want to see. Nice UI and works well. Dev respo...
J Mo
This is the perfect no nonsence news app for me
John Aldred
A brilliant App that deserves to have more users. Install it NOW. You won't regret it.
Peter Middleton
I'm enjoying listen to United Kingdom News from the United States of America. Thank You.
michael elliott