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About Trade Show Lead Collection

30 Day free trial.
The Trade Show Lead Collection mobile app is a powerful and convenient way to capture lead data. Utilizing the app business people can easily collect email addresses, phone numbers, locations and other information necessary to generate leads and develop marketing strategies. All the results will be instantly organized and available for use right from you smartphone or tablet.

Capture leads on the spot easily and quickly. There is no need to:

- wait the end of the show and the organizers to give you the attendee’s list
- collect a stack of business cards and write notes on them
- spend days for adding all the data into your lead data base
Don’t lose a chance to convert leads into opportunities Getting leads on the trade shows is no longer a problem!

Add contact data, scan the QR code in the attendee’s badges, take picture of their business cards and store all this information on your smartphone or tablet. Follow-up with the attendees by instantly sending them follow-up emails and making calls right from the app, all while at the trade show!

Summary app features include:

- Speech to text
- Create events or trade shows and add participants to them
- Capture unlimited number of leads
- Sync collected data across multiple devices
- Follow up with the leads: send emails and make calls
- Scan and read QR codes on the leads’ badges
- Store data locally on device
- Capture leads offline at trade shows, exhibitions and events – no internet required
- Retrieve PDF forms of lead profiles, print or share them via email, network drives and other sharing options available on device
- Export the collected leads to Excel spreadsheets

Utilizing the Trade Show Lead Collection app you will have the following benefits:

- Generate leads, capture new info anytime and anywhere
- Create your own lead database on the spot
- Have captured data on all of your devices
- Process data quickly and easily
- Convert leads to opportunities by instantly following up with people
- Increase efficiency and data accuracy
- Save time, increase profit and reduce costs
- Keep your data safe from others
- Eliminate paperwork (collecting business cards, filling out paper forms) and go green

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built form solution, you can upload your own PDF form and 100% customize it to meet your specific business needs.
Moreover you can:

- upload any PDF form or document from local storage or cloud drives
- add your own fields to existing forms including datetime, text, numeric, location, signature, picture,radio, checkbox
- fill in your PDF forms
- print forms
- share forms via email and messages
- upload forms to cloud drives
- save and view generated reports on your device

By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at

The app has a 30 day free trial

After the free trial, you can get unlimited number of form submissions by subscribing via an optional In-App Purchase. Subscribe from your device and access these services via mobile app.

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Easy to use. Perfect for keeping tradeshow leads in order.
John Beule