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About Skin Check: Cancer Screening, Melanoma, Mole Check

Skin Check: Cancer Screening, Melanoma & Mole Check App is an early detection tool especially for melanoma and other skin cancers with AI (artificial intelligence) + dermatologists examination.

It has free and paid memberships.

Do you worry about that how much does a skin cancer screening cost without insurance? Or do you look for a free mole check app? You are in the right place. You can get free artificial intelligence + doctor advice from this application.

AI (Artificial Intelligence): State-of-the-art artificial intelligence gives the highest accuracy rates.
Doctors Examination: The data is reviewed by specialist doctors after artificial intelligence evaluation.

Our App offers you “free skin cancer screening”. That is, you can do a “mole check” and get recommendations for skin cancers & Melanoma.

The App is useful for the early diagnosis of skin cancers and the detection of melanoma.
We will help you to monitor your skin moles against the most deadly skin cancer Melanoma.

Take a picture of your skin moles or suspicious lesions with your mobile phone and upload them. Let AI (artificial intelligence) evaluate the pictures. Afterward, the pictures are reviewed by our doctors. Then you get a recommendation.

In addition, you can use mobile dermoscopy. This way, you can take much more detailed pictures of spots and moles on your skin. Thanks to these high-quality photos, you can get more accurate recommendations.

Unique features of our app:

1-Artificial Intelligence: Our app uses Artificial Intelligence to increase the detection of skin cancers, especially Melanoma.

2-Doctor Opinions: We are combining the power of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to create our app. Our team of Doctors will constantly check the recommendations of Artificial Intelligence to reduce false-positive cases even more

3-Mobile Dermoscopy: These images are more information-rich than normal camera images. These more detailed images of your skin moles will lead to accurate recommendations

4-Scheduled Notifications: Our app will notify you regularly to check your skin moles so you don’t forget it

5-Free-Save Money and Time: Our mission is to reach everyone who needs skin cancer screening and make it affordable. You will be saving money, time, and your health with our app

6-Easy to Use: Our app is simple and easy to use for everyone. Also, mobile dermoscopy helps you to take good images with less effort.

Labirent Artificial Intelligence created “Skin Check” using the latest state-of-the-art deep learning techniques that accurately detect melanoma using dermatoscopy images of suspicious skin lesions in the form of an early detection support tool.

The AI solution is classifying dermatoscopy images and giving recommendations about suspicious skin lesions. Also, our doctors team re-check these recommendations to reduce false-positive cases even more.

What is Melanoma?
Skin cancer is a major public health problem, and melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, responsible for an overwhelming majority of skin cancer deaths. An estimated 100,350 cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2020. In the past decade (2010 – 2020), the number of new invasive melanoma cases diagnosed annually increased by 47 percent. Although the mortality is significant, when detected early, melanoma survival exceeds 95%

Our Aim
We are trying to increase the early detection of melanoma to drop the mortality rate and treatment cost. Also with our product, we are trying to enable millions of people to easily access melanoma screening opportunities.

** Attention, this risk indication is not replacement for comprehensive doctor control and diagnose.

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