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About Geometry Calculator

Geometry Calculator helps you to quickly and easily calculate different parameters of various geometric shapes, planes and solids.

Geometry Calculator contains 26 Calculators, 148 Types of Calculations and 783 Calculations.

Geometry Calculator:
• Circle
• Annulus
• Ellipse
• Torus
• Square
• Rectangle

• Triangle
• Triangle Theorems
• Equilateral Triangle
• Isosceles Triangle
• Right Triangle

• Parallelogram
• Rhombus
• Trapezoid
• Polygon

• Distance
• 2D Distance
• 3D Distance

• Cube
• Cuboid
• Capsule
• Cone
• Cylinder
• Conical Frustum
• Square Pyramid
• Sphere
• Hemisphere
• Tube

Geometry Calculator calculates the required parameters for the respective geometric shapes and solids:
• Area, Surface Area
• Radius, Diameter, Circumference
• Length, Side Length, Diagonal Length
• Height, Slant Height, Width, Altitude
• Median
• Volume
• Angles
• Inradius, Circumradius
• Perimeter, Semiperimeter
• Thickness

Key Features:

• Calculated values and results can be shared to social media, mail, messages and other sharing apps.

• Clearly defined specifications for each shapes and solids with all the necessary parameters.

• Options to limit and extend decimal places.

• Various types of inputs and calculations for all the shapes and solids.

• Clear display of formulas for all types of calculations.

• Automatic calculation of values based on inputs.

• Specific unit options are provided.

• Professional user interface.

• Available in English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch, Português & Nederlands.

A Complete Geometry Guide and Reference

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Rethinavel C
Great app. Very helpful.
Devendran Mani