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About Baby Panda: Care for animals

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Little animals need your help! Let's find injured animals. Take care of them and give them treatment. Pick new homes for these animals and help decorate them!

Search for animals
Before you go, pick up a cool truck. Do you like red, yellow or blue one? It’s up to you! Drive the truck and set out to search for little animals!
Use binoculars to verify their locations. Follow road signs to find the monkey, brown bear, penguin, and more. Bring them back to the rescue center!

Treatment for animals
Turn on the tap to clean the zebra by washing the dirt off it. Help the elephant fix its tusks and clean them with brush!
The monkey feels itchy. Please clean the leaves off its body! The hippo feels thirsty. Please feed it some water. Apply ointment on its wound and then apply a band-aid!

Feed animals
What does the little tiger like to eat? Beef or grass? Choose the right food and feed it! What about the penguin? You can feed the penguin with shrimp and fish!
Feed more animals: Bananas for monkey, aquatic plants for hippo, watermelons for elephant... Get to know their diet habits!

Decorate the homes
Pick a new home for little animals. Pick up a broom, sweep away the trash, and clean up their new homes. Then remove the old lawn and replace with new grass.
Trees, flowers, and mushrooms... which plants will you choose for decorations? With white fence and circular fountain, the new home is more beautiful!

- Take care of 12 kinds of animals: Monkeys, brown bears, penguins, zebras, African elephants, little tigers, and more!
- Learn about characteristics and diet habits of different animals!
- Experience the daily work of a veterinarian, treat and care for little animals!

About BabyBus
At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparking kids' creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designing our products through the kids' perspective to help them explore the world on their own.

Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videos and other educational content for over 250 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! We have produced more than 150 children's educational games, 700 children's songs, and animations of various themes spanning the arts, health, and science.
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