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About CandyBots Cars & Trucks🚓Vehicles Kids Puzzle Game


CandyBots Cars & Trucks for Junior Kids is a trucks game for junior children with fun puzzles to create and play with 12 different colorful trucks & cars! Also, baby kids can build and drive their own customized coloring cars and trucks vehicles, and then take color pictures of all decorate vehicles! So many jigsaw puzzle coloring trucks!
Drive a dump truck with Baby Bots and deep in the ground with diggers, cranes, bulldozers and excavator.
Zombie attacked the bot city, many car truck friends appear and help rescue the CandyBots world.
Cars & Trucks for Junior Kids let baby toddlers play, watch, learn, create and coloring! It's a full game for preschool package!
Your little child can remember truck names and sounds, learn the vocabulary of vehicles transports and know the truck car's function: police car, ambulance, fire truck, food truck, garbage truck, jeep, tank, school-bus, fire, crane, agitator, excavator.
Construction vehicles. Every little boy will surely enjoy the puzzle set with road rollers, cranes, cement mixers, tractor and various dump trucks.
Diggers. Discover various excavators, dump trucks and loaders used on a construction site.

Does your toddler enjoy playing with big toy vehicles? Then you found the very right puzzle game for your little one! Here you’ll find tons of vehicles of all kinds and sizes.
Parents can play & learn together with the little boys and girl, so FUN!
Toddler puzzles for kids, easy for children to pick and move, simple & child-friendly interface.


- 12 different colorful vehicles: toddlers will learn to recognize 12 different vehicles! The Police Car, Ambulance and Fire Truck is absolutely free vehicle!
- Build & decorate truck cars: Each vehicle comes with a simple matching puzzle that unlocks your child’s creative.
- Fun mini jigsaw puzzle games: Toddlers will get to use each vehicle while learning about their role in real life! Drag the car to the correct place matching the vehicle and its shape. When puzzles for preschoolers are completed enjoy the happy cheering.
- Educational story clips: funny animation cartoon for each vehicle staring toddlers' favorite Candy friends!
- Learn pronounce vehicle names with phonics: Clear English voice-overs make learning to pronounce vehicle names easy!
- Puzzle games for kids and games for kids, recommended for toddlers, age 2-5 years.
- No ads! Play anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is CandyBots Cars & Trucks?

CandyBots Cars & Trucks is a puzzle game for kids where they can build and drive different colorful trucks and cars.

How many vehicles are there in the game?

There are 12 different colorful vehicles in the game.

Can kids build and decorate their own trucks and cars?

Yes, kids can build and decorate their own customized coloring cars and trucks in the game.

Is there a variety of puzzles in the game?

Yes, there are fun mini jigsaw puzzle games included in the game.

Are there educational elements in the game?

Yes, kids can learn the names of the vehicles and their functions through the game.

What age range is recommended for CandyBots Cars & Trucks?

The game is recommended for toddlers aged 2-5 years.

Are there any ads in the game?

No, there are no ads in the game.

Where can I find more CandyBots apps and games?

You can find more CandyBots apps and games by searching for "CandyBots" in the app store.

What is the mission of CandyBots?

CandyBots aims to create beautiful educational experiences for children aged 2-8, encouraging learning through play.

How can I contact CandyBots for help or questions?

You can get in touch with CandyBots at [email protected].
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Yey this is my favourite game for kids yey i can play my dad and me im happy
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