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About Monster Truck Games for kids

Vroom! Vroom! The truck engine starts! The new season of the Wheel Cup Competition has begun! Dear little race car drivers, jump into your favorite monster truck and join the battle for the championship!

3 themed maps and 18 uniquely shaped levels

Listen! Hear the gears turning and the machines roaring.

Welcome to the abandoned assembly factory! There are steel frames that may collapse at any time, conveyor belts that block your movement, and piles of industrial raw materials that have been there for years. There’s also said to be a big-faced cat lurking about, and it will catch you if it sees you!

Watch out! See the flickering lights and the swinging magic mining picks.

This is the lava mine that was left deserted several years ago. You’ll see rubies scattered throughout the lava. There are rugged and bizarre railroad tracks that crisscross the mine. Make sure you step on the gas pedal to break through the piles of rocks ahead!

Aha! Feel the scorching summer sun and cooling sea breeze on your body.

We are now arriving at the scenic seaside town. Here you will find temples of ancient civilizations, and mystery relics that nobody has ever stepped on. You can even discover the treasures left by the one-eyed old captain. But beware, a giant Monster Octopus is watching carefully. If it gets angry, it will stir up stormy waves with its long tentacles.

3 legendary Boss battles are waiting for you

Do ordinary opponents no longer pose a threat to you? Try the challenge of the hidden maps and obtain trucks from the legendary Boss. Whether it is the Giant Excavator in the assembly factory, the Sleeping Fiery Dragon in the lava mine, or the Monster Octopus at the seaside town, they are all first-class masters. They are gearing up and waiting for new challengers! Are you confident you can beat them?

12 cool monster trucks to upgrade and modify

Choose freely from 12 totally different vehicles! The blue heavy truck, the exclusive shark truck, and more! Tap to select your favorite one to take part in the competition! Feel like your car is not fast enough? Hurry to use the gold coins obtained in the races and give your car a top-to-bottom tune-up. Shock absorber springs with better performance, tires with higher grip, and engines with more horsepower—these custom modifications will all help move you a step ahead of everyone else!

Gain useful boosters to move forward

Collect gold coins to upgrade your monster trucks. Press the emit button to prevent opponents from advancing, gain shields to defend against attacks, and collect energy to keep accelerating. The more boosters you've got, the more chances you have to win!

Key Features
• 3 themed maps: abandoned assembly factory, deserted lava mine, and scenic seaside town
• 12 cool, different shaped monster trucks
• Upgrade monster trucks with multiple combinations and variations
• Enhanced race experience with optimized AI opponents
• Advanced booster system: Attack, Acceleration and Defense
• Brand new roadblocks and route designs
• No internet needed to play
• No third-party advertising

About Yateland
Yateland crafts apps with educational value, inspiring preschoolers across the globe to learn through play! With each app we make, we are guided by our motto: "Apps children love and parents trust." Learn more about Yateland and our apps at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the themed maps in the game?

The themed maps in the game are the abandoned assembly factory, the deserted lava mine, and the scenic seaside town.

How many different monster trucks can I choose from?

You can choose from 12 different monster trucks in the game.

Can I upgrade and modify my monster truck?

Yes, you can upgrade and modify your monster truck with multiple combinations and variations.

Are there any boosters available in the game?

Yes, you can collect boosters such as shields, energy, and emit buttons to enhance your race experience.

Is an internet connection required to play the game?

No, you do not need an internet connection to play the game.

Are there any third-party advertisements in the game?

No, the game does not have any third-party advertisements.

What is Yateland known for?

Yateland is known for crafting educational apps that inspire preschoolers to learn through play.

Where can I learn more about Yateland and their apps?

You can learn more about Yateland and their apps at their website:

What is Yateland's privacy policy?

To know more about how Yateland deals with privacy matters, you can read their full privacy policy at: