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About Little Panda's Farm Story

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Hi kids, the well-loved Little Panda’s Farm has opened up new land in this summer. With the brand-new beehive and fishpond to play with, BabyBus invites you to create your own farm story in the Little Panda’s Farm during the summer season.

Raise animals and grow your farm with little panda! Tomatoes, corn, watermelons.... There are nearly 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Sheep, cows, hens…. Can you take good care of them? Create your own farm story in the Little Panda’s Farm!

Plant and harvest fresh crops, your favorite fruits and vegetables. Nurture and raise 5 kinds of animals. Milk cows, shear sheep, fish, and collect honey.... Process farm products to sell them in the farm market!

Build a dreamy hut and decorate it with balloons,bows and more! You can make the farm look so nice! Decorate your farm however you like!

- 8 farming activities for you to create your own farm stories!
-Farm life experience: understand the process of plant growth and master the living habits of animals;
- Farm management: run the farm and reach sales targets;
- No limits: you can play for as long as you like;
- Teamwork: play together with your buddies;
- Download for free: all BabyBus games are free of charge! 

About BabyBus
At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparking kids' creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designing our products through the kids' perspective to help them explore the world on their own.

Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videos and other educational content for over 250 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! We have produced more than 150 children's educational games, 700 children's songs, and animations of various themes spanning the arts, health, and science.
Contact us: [email protected]
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Little Panda's Farm Story?

Little Panda's Farm Story is a game where you can create your own farm and take care of animals and crops.

How many farming activities are there in the game?

There are 8 farming activities in the game for you to enjoy and create your own farm stories.

Can I plant and harvest crops in the game?

Yes, you can plant and harvest fresh crops, including your favorite fruits and vegetables, in the game.

What animals can I take care of in the game?

You can take care of 5 kinds of animals in the game, including cows, sheep, hens, and more.

Can I decorate my farm in the game?

Yes, you can build a dreamy hut and decorate it with balloons, bows, and more to make your farm look nice.

Is Little Panda's Farm Story a free game?

Yes, Little Panda's Farm Story is a free game that you can download and play for as long as you like.

What is BabyBus?

BabyBus is a company that creates educational products, videos, and other content for children aged 0-8. They aim to spark kids' creativity, imagination, and curiosity.

How can I contact BabyBus?

You can contact BabyBus by emailing them at [email protected] or visiting their website at
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