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About Baby Panda's Fire Safety

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Have you ever wondered how firemen work when there is a danger? Do you want to go on a journey of firefighting with firemen? Come and experience their work! Learn to put out fire, keep safe from flood, and become a firefighting hero!

Ready to go
Ding, ding, ding, the phone is ringing!
-Hello, this is the fire station. What is your emergency?
-A fire broke out in the high-rise building. We need firemen to rescue us.
-Don’t worry. Firemen will set out soon.
Put on fire jackets, protective gloves and hats with the firemen. Drive the fire engine and set out to save the residents!

Fire in high-rise building
Prepare fire rescue equipment: fire axe, fire shovel, powder fire extinguisher, and gas mask. Put out the fire, follow the firemen into the building, use equipment to clear fallen obstacles, and help residents out of the building. Move on to the next rescue site!

Mine rescue
Enter the mine with your fellow firemen. Remember to stop when you feel rocks falling in the front. Then use the detector to find the miner trapped by stones. Remove stones and save the miner!

Resist flood
Next, join firemen in flood rescue. Prepare a lifeboat. Drive the lifeboat and throw out the swimming ring to save residents trapped in the flood. Use a rope to retrieve rescue supplies. Remember to put on your life jacket. Safety first.

In addition, you can also join firemen in rescue operations on explosion, forest fire, and well falling accident. Learn how to protect yourself in disasters through these rescues.


-7 sites in need of rescue
-Explore the world of firemen
-Experience wearing fire jackets and driving fire engines
-Clear falling obstacles and put out fires
-Learn firefighting knowledge

About BabyBus
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I play Baby Panda's Fire Safety game?

Search for "BabyBus" to find the game and other free panda games to try!

What is the objective of Baby Panda's Fire Safety game?

The objective is to learn about firefighting and experience the work of firemen by putting out fires, rescuing people from dangerous situations, and becoming a firefighting hero.

What do I need to do in the game?

In the game, you will need to put on fire jackets, protective gloves, and hats with the firemen. Drive the fire engine, put out fires in high-rise buildings, rescue trapped miners in a mine, and save residents from floods.

How many rescue sites are there in the game?

There are 7 sites in need of rescue in the game.

Can I learn firefighting knowledge through the game?

Yes, you can learn firefighting knowledge while playing the game.

Where can I find more BabyBus products and educational content?

You can visit the BabyBus website at to find a wide variety of products, videos, and educational content for children ages 0-8.

How can I contact BabyBus?

You can contact BabyBus by sending an email to [email protected].
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