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About Little Panda: Dinosaur Care

Look! Dinosaurs are in trouble. Join the rescue team to help and take care of them in Dinosaur World!

Mr. Tyrannosaurus rex has decayed tooth and it hurts bad! Tie the decayed tooth with a rope, and pull out it. Now, Mr. Tyrannosaurus rex feels much better.

Triceratops has its eggs taken away by Velociraptor. Drive the rescue car to find Velociraptor. Turn into a mechanical dinosaur to beat them and bring back the eggs.

Baby Brachiosaurus fell into the swamp. How can we save them? Operate the rescue car to have its hook extended. Aim for the location of baby Brachiosaurus and lower the hook to save them out of the swamp!

Therizinosaurus has its nails broken and nail fragments are scattered in the forest. Can the rescue team come and help? Push aside the grass to collect nail fragments. The fragments need to be piece together for fixing the nails!

In addition to taking care of dinosaurs in Dinosaur World, you will also get to know dinosaurs!

- Experience the fun of turning into a mechanical dinosaur.
- Gain science knowledge of dinosaurs with 10 dinosaur knowledge cards.
- Fun dinosaur puzzles: Piece puzzles together to learn about dinosaur appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I help Mr. Tyrannosaurus rex with his decayed tooth?

Tie the decayed tooth with a rope and pull it out to help alleviate the pain.

What should I do if Triceratops' eggs are taken away by Velociraptor?

Drive the rescue car, transform into a mechanical dinosaur, defeat Velociraptor, and retrieve the eggs.

How can I rescue a baby Brachiosaurus that fell into the swamp?

Operate the rescue car, extend its hook, aim for the location of the baby Brachiosaurus, and lower the hook to save it from the swamp.

How can the rescue team fix the broken nails of Therizinosaurus?

Push aside the grass in the forest to collect the nail fragments and piece them together to fix the nails.

What can I expect to experience in Dinosaur World?

You can experience turning into a mechanical dinosaur, gain knowledge about dinosaurs through dinosaur knowledge cards, and solve dinosaur puzzles to learn about their appearance.

What is the mission of BabyBus?

BabyBus dedicates itself to sparking kids' creativity, imagination, and curiosity by designing products from the kids' perspective to help them explore the world on their own.

Where can I contact BabyBus?

You can contact BabyBus at [email protected].

How can I visit BabyBus?

You can visit BabyBus at
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