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About Trackendar - Habit Tracker

This tracker app helps you to track common events, habits and chores. Presents them on a nice monthly view so you can see at a glance what's been going on and provides reminders so you don't forget to log what happened each day.

Track your goals and habits until you reach your objective. Log them each day, and see your progress over time. Losing weight? Use a tracker. Got work to be done? Start tracking it today.

With this you can track:
โ˜… Occurrences: Simple events like reading, taking out the trash, changing the cat's litter box, etc. Make them a habit.
โ˜… Habits: Same as occurrences but for when you also need to track when something didn't happen, like smoking, sticking to an exercise schedule, etc. Reach your objective.
โ˜… Values: Again like occurrences but also including a numeric value, like weight, allotted writing time, etc. Achieve your goal.

For tips on how to use check our FAQ:
For news and more information you can check our page

The In-app purchases that are shown on the permission refers to themes you can use with the app and a power-users pack of features, you can see them in action here and you can try the themes on the app itself before purchasing.

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Very helpful app
Sandeep M S
I wanted to know if i took my med without forgetting and because i want to take them every 24 hrs, the app is great. I can just track it and it tells me what time i have input the info. Great app!
Eunbi C
Been using it for years.
Lokesh Kumar