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About Sequent OXYGO

Charging a smartwatch every day sucks?

Sequent - Move it. Charge it.

The Sequent app is the best companion of the only automatic self-charging smartwatch ever created. Using 100% clean energy.

Discover the Sequent app, the best companion of your Sequent watch, Keep checking on your steps, distance, calories, workouts GPS maps and even your heart rate (Only supports heart rate watch)

You can :

- Set your daily and workout goals
- Analyse your performance
- Track your workout session and see your activity on the interactive map
- Check your heart rate
- Benefit health advices



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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is Sequent OXYGO the only automatic self-charging smartwatch ever created?

Yes, Sequent OXYGO is the only automatic self-charging smartwatch ever created.

What features does the Sequent app offer?

The Sequent app allows you to set daily and workout goals, analyze your performance, track your workout sessions with an interactive map, check your heart rate, and receive health advice.

How does the Sequent watch charge itself?

The Sequent watch uses 100% clean energy to charge itself automatically.

Can the Sequent watch track steps, distance, and calories?

Yes, the Sequent watch can track steps, distance, and calories.

Does the Sequent watch support heart rate monitoring?

Yes, the Sequent watch supports heart rate monitoring.

Is the Sequent app compatible with other smartwatches?

No, the Sequent app is specifically designed to be the companion app for Sequent watches only.

Does the Sequent app provide GPS maps for workouts?

Yes, the Sequent app provides interactive GPS maps for tracking your workout sessions.

How often do I need to charge the Sequent watch?

The Sequent watch charges itself automatically, so you don't need to worry about charging it every day.
I have (too many) watches and (also too many) smartwatches. Sequent offers a fresh take on smartwatches and I find myself wearing it daily while the other watches sit at home. Love the analog look while also...
Jonah Detro
Great and user friendly app
Rene Bienz