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About Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach

Listening to the same playlists over and over again is boring. There's no better way to ruin a workout! You need new high-energy playlists every day - music that surprises you and keeps you moving. Maybe, you even wish you had a trainer to instruct and motivate you through your entire cardio session. Someone to be there with you to help you achieve your best results. At Fit Radio, our entire team is dedicated to giving you new music and new coach guided workouts every day. You'll have a coach in your ear pushing you through the toughest parts of your workout. You'll have the right song hitting you at the right moment - making your workouts fun again.

Whether it’s incredible music to get your blood pumping, the beat syncing perfectly with your stride on a run, or a coach who will not let you quit, Fit Radio has everything you need to take your workout to next level.

Fit Radio puts you in control with 3 options to choose from:

Coaching Tab - Cardio coaching paired with the perfect playlist
-Large variety of programs: Outdoor Run, Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike, Walk/Jog, HIIT
-24+ new coached workouts every week
-Let the trainer suggest a playlist that fits the workout perfectly, or choose your own
-Pair workouts with your favorite genres, mixes, or BPM
-High Quality sound recording
-The right amount of coaching
-Motivation when you need it most
-Share workouts with friends

Music Tab - Gain access to thousands of DJ mixes specifically created for your workout
-Sort music by genre, BPM, DJ, and activity
-150+ new mixes every month
-Set intervals with our Interval Timer
-Skip a song, skip a mix, tweet the DJ, and more
-Share mixes with friends

Running Tab - Match the music to your pace, so your foot hits the pavement on the beat
-Run faster by staying on pace throughout your entire run
-Start running and let the app find your pace, or choose your desired pace manually
-Distance Tracking
-Playlists are curated to give you the right type of song exactly when you need it
-Running songs have all been scanned for key, pace, beat to give you the best experience

The Formula Behind Our Running Mixes.
Not only do our Running mixes match your pace. Playlists are also curated to give you the right type of song exactly when you need it.
-0 to 10 Minutes - Hear popular songs you know and love to help get you to your first
mile effortlessly
-10 to 20 Minutes - DJs drop in those hard hitting tracks that push you to your max and
make you feel determined to reach a new goal
-20 to 30 Minutes - Transition into more fun, upbeat music right when you're hitting your
runner's high. Enjoy awesome throwbacks and awe-inspiring remixes of you favorite
-30 to 40 Minutes - Feel a sense of euphoria over the fact that you've kept your pace for
so long. Music transitions to a good flow with continuous beats to help you focus.

For more information check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use here:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Fit Radio?

Fit Radio is a platform that provides high-energy playlists and coach guided workouts to make your workouts more enjoyable and effective.

What options does Fit Radio offer?

Fit Radio offers three options: Coaching Tab for cardio coaching and playlists, Music Tab for access to thousands of DJ mixes, and Running Tab to match music to your pace.

How many new coached workouts does Fit Radio offer every week?

Fit Radio offers 24+ new coached workouts every week.

Can I choose my own playlist on Fit Radio?

Yes, you can choose your own playlist or let the trainer suggest one that fits the workout perfectly.

How many new DJ mixes does Fit Radio add each month?

Fit Radio adds 150+ new DJ mixes every month.

Can I customize my workout intervals on Fit Radio?

Yes, you can set intervals with the Interval Timer feature on Fit Radio.

Can I skip songs or mixes on Fit Radio?

Yes, you can skip a song or mix on Fit Radio, as well as share mixes with friends.

How does Fit Radio's Running Tab work?

Fit Radio's Running Tab matches the music to your pace, helping you stay on pace throughout your entire run. It also provides distance tracking and curated playlists for the best running experience.

How are Fit Radio's Running Mixes curated?

Fit Radio's Running Mixes are curated to match your pace and provide the right type of song for each phase of your run, from warm-up to maximum effort to cool-down.

Where can I find more information about Fit Radio's policies?

You can find more information about Fit Radio's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at the following links:
I'm picky, I read reviews, I quality test and determine what works the best. This app is perfect for me. The negative comments have not applied to my service! Thanks!
Ai Mcmillan
I rarely write reviews, but I feel this time it's necessary. I use this app due to my job. Really love it!
Anisa Mahnke
Great app i mean Great happy to find it great jammin mixes πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Marc Bradley
I absolutely love this app
Amie Neloms
A perfect way to improve your health, you don't need to spend too much money on gyms. This app's useful exercises can help you more. Many thanks.
Barnes Bland
My favorite app. I'll delete every other app from my phone if need be just to have This app. 5 stars!
Berenice Cluckey